Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Long ago and far away

So, you all know what's going on in the here and now of our lives. You  know that Pretty and Mr. Pretty are currently living their Happily-Ever-After. But who are these fuzzy people?!?

She's 18, just graduated high school.  She's smart, and her parents and teachers think she should go to college and educate herself for a good career, but she's in love with a boy, and he quite obviously loves her, too. She likes music and children, and this is the first serious boyfriend she has ever had.  All she wants in this life is to marry this boy and spend many happy years with the love of her life.  

He's 19, and graduated high school last year. He's smart, but shy, and he recently joined the Navy. He was accepted to the "Nuke" program, and he'll be leaving for boot camp in a couple of months, and then he'll work on nuclear submarines. Today he is marrying his high school sweetheart, and looking forward to many happy years together with the love of his life.

Wow. They have no idea. They have everything going for them, and nothing at all. Life is going to be hard sometimes, but today they don't care. Today is the happiest day of their young lives. Awwww, isn't that sweet? But that was long ago and far away.

Fast forward, two-and-a-half decades:
She's 40-something, plays with yarn, and she loves the Internet and her electronic gadgets. Her children  are grown, and she has been married for more than half her life. She works full-time as secretary in their church, knits once a week with her friends, and she is thrilled to be a gramma.

He's in his 40s and likes sports and being outdoors, and he also enjoys reading. His children are grown, and he has been married for more than half his life. He is a service technician by trade, loves his Kindle, and he can fix just about anything.  Pop-Pop is how he's known by their darling Peanut.

Wait, can these really be the same people? Yes, and no. They are the same, yet completely different, and there were times they thought they might not make it. They have thought, "This isn't what I bargained for," and, "You're not the person I married..." Still, they stuck it out, "grew up" and grew together.  Although they still have their differences, they are livin' the dream, baby!...happily ever after (most of the time).

I'm glad that we did it the way we did. It wasn't usually easy, and there were lots of times it wasn't much fun, but we have such a rich history together. Who I am is so deeply entwined with who he is and who we are to each don't get that until you've spent serious time together, and we've been writing our story for over 25 years now. "For richer, for poorer," "in sickness and in health"...those phrases mean so much more after some time has passed, and it's a sweeter joy that we share because of the hardships we've endured together. 

So, Meatloaf, you've got it half was definitely "long ago, and it was far away," but I don't think it gets it any better for us than it is today!

What's your story?

PS - Happy Anniversary, Pop Pop! I love you more today than ever!