Saturday, February 23, 2013

Black Cat Approves

She does? Whew! That's good to know!

With her recent interest in the blog, I've really been worried that my work is not living up to Black Cat's standards. Take, for example, my most recent cardigan:

When I laid it out to take photos, she didn't look all that interested at first, but then she seemed to soften...

As she really inspected my work... seems that she approves of the details at the cuff and hem (GREAT DESIGN, Alana Dakos!)...

And eventually she sealed the deal with a paw of approval as she settled in for a nap.
I think this one can take a nap with me.  - Black Cat
And after Black Cat's nap, the little sweater hugged itself proudly. :)
She likes me! She really, really likes me!  - Little Sweater
How has your knitting made YOU (or your cat) proud this week?


  1. You do know, of course, that her primary intent was to get black cat hair on that beautiful white sweater. And it really is gorgeous, I love the color detail!

  2. Lovely sweater and cat! My 2 housepanthers have been very dissatisfied with my choice of yarn for the past week. Every morning I've come down to see the same ball of turquoise wool removed from the yarn basket and place at the foot of the stairs for me to see. I'm obviously working on the wrong project!

    It was good to see you at That'll do on Sat.!