Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Hat, or Two...

Sometimes I am so wordy, and sometimes notsomuch. Today is a notsomuch day, I suppose. It's ok. I've got knitting to show you. :o)

My friend Corrie has designed another hat! I am test knitting it, and she has given me the "go ahead" to blog this bit of a knit. It starts with a Latvian Braid, and this was the first time I've knit one of those. It's really cool how it comes together...I want to do it again!

The braid is followed by short-row Ear Flaps and Color Work for the body, I knit the Zig Zag option, but there is also a diamond pattern. There is a good possibility that I will also knit the diamond hat. =D

And the crown is shaped without interrupting the color work at all, incorporating it into the decreases, in fact! It's kind of amazing!

It's not quite finished, there are braids for the ear flaps, and it needs to be blocked...but I can't wait until the pattern comes out live! When it does, I'll give you a link, and my highest recommendation - it's a GREAT KNIT! Thanks for letting me test knit for you, Corrie! Just like your pattern, you are pretty amazing yourself! =D

On this snowy, less than wordy day, I hope that you are warm and cozy. I also hope that you will Knit in Good Health!


  1. Gorgeous color work, your knitting skills are awesome.

  2. Oh, I MUST learn to do that Latvian braid! So pretty! I'll be watching for the link when the pattern comes out. :-)

  3. The hat came out great! Just gorgeous!!

  4. So glad you liked the pattern. Can't wait to publish it. Your hat is wonderful - and such fun colors. Thanks again for testing!