Wednesday, January 23, 2013

These Are Why I Am Crazy

Seriously, who starts this project? Oh, that's right. I do. Crazy. Mad. Bonkers. Insane. I'm totally headed 'round the bend to be sure, but as long as I have a little leftover sock yarn with me, I'll just keep going. I mean, I've only got a few so far...eventually I'll need around 350-400 of these, if all the knitters in all of Ravelry are to be believed (and I think I really have to go with the numbers on this one), so here I go. Just watch me.

And watch the frog.
Pretty, should you be knitting?
Or should you be working on that report?

Ribbit is wrangling the hexipuffs* while I'm working, because really...I'm trying to not knit on the clock. Hexipuffs, however, are addictive, so it's a constant struggle. Pray for me? Wait...on second thought, don't do that. If I'm cured, I'll never finish, and I really want my own beekeeper's quilt

See? These are why I am crazy. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

Thanks for stopping by. Can I offer you a hexipuff to knit? 

* hexipuff - a tiny bit of crazy in the form of a knitted-and-slightly-stuffed, hexagon; the more hexipuffs you make, well you know...


  1. Actually, I think these are proof you're crazy, not the reason you are. They're the effect of the crazy, not the cause. But not to worry, the Dear Jane quilt is my proof, so we can both ride that train together. :-)

  2. With those little yarn tails the hexipuffs do look a bit like tadpoles! Maybe Ribbit is just gathering his young under his wings...fins....flippers?

  3. But what a great use for sock yarn bits!!!!