Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One Last Secret Revealed...

Because socks should always be knit in pairs, and because Snake and Dollface are both grateful recipients of hand-knit-by-Mom socks, there is one last pair (the second pair in this pair of pairs of socks) coming off my needles...
Not for Hermione...the pattern is called
"Hermione's Everyday Socks."
I have enough of this yarn left to also make another pair of socks for myself, and I am sure that I will...well, I would cast them on right now, if I would just stop taking on test knits...
Test knit for my Rav friend, Katie. These Guitar Mitts
are for Dollface, because they are green!
...and if I would stop knitting all the gifts I give, for nearly every occasion lately...
Another BBF! These are ridiculously
fast and fun to knit!
...then perhaps I would have more time to knit for myself. But let's get real. I am always going to knit for other people, and it will probably always interfere with my knitting-for-me time. I suppose there are worse things. ;-) For now, I will keep working on the Flower Garden, and perhaps I'll cast on that new sweater I have been dreaming about lately...and perhaps I'll just cast on a charity scarf. Either way, my needles will be a-clickin', and that makes me one happy Pretty!

What are you knitting this year? Whatever it is, I hope that all of your stitches will be even, and that you will Knit in Good Health throughout 2013!


  1. Oh, I love those! Happy feet and hands, coming right up. (Looking right at my fingerless gloves you knit, gratefully.)

  2. That little bunny is ADORABLE!!!! And knitting for others is awesome.