Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oh, Baby!

I went to a baby shower last weekend. I love baby showers! I think I love them partly because I love little knits, and squishy knits. For a baby shower, little and squishy go together really well! See?

Why, yes! I did blog that BBF last week, and you are very observant! But I didn't blog this:

It is, of course, a super squishy, pink blanket for the new baby and her mommy and daddy to enjoy, when she makes her appearance! And, since I'm blogging blankets, here's a look at Peanut's Flower Garden:

Almost finished...not quite, but pretty stinkin' excited!

That's my knitting knews for today...and now I've gotta go finish that garden! Thanks for taking time away from your favorite hobby to take a peek at mine, and Oh, Baby! Knit in Good Health!


  1. I love making squishy baby things.I also love being a grandma.It is my birthday today and I have had "Happy Birthday" sung to me twice over phone from my grandchildren.Great to hear their voices and have a chat.Hope you enjoy being a gran.

  2. Oh what fun! That's a very cool afghan.