Monday, December 10, 2012

Time to Make the Candy

Remember when I said that I like ribbon candy? Well, I like regular ribbons too! See...
Especially when I get to packaging up the Christmas candy, ribbons are very handy! I've spent the last couple of weeks making the candy...homemade caramel, turtles and chocolate covered caramels, peanut butter cups, and much more...and they are now all safely tucked into their gift tins, and secured with curling ribbons! They look so fun, and I always love to give away the candy at Christmas!

Dollface asked me about these ribbons as she helped me get this lot together, and I realized that I have been using these spools of ribbon since Mork was playing All-Star games in Little League. o_0 Back then, they decorated bleachers, fences and posters made by the parents to encourage the boys to do well. Since then, these spools have been wrapping gifts for birthdays and Christmases, and other occasions...they have lived a full life indeed! Yesterday was no exception, and today those spools are sitting in their place on the giftwrap shelf, just waiting for the big push to wrap for this Christmas!

Christmas is coming closer every day. I still have a LOT to do, but I'll be blogging every day and sharing my favorite Christmas recipes and memories. 

What's your favorite Christmas tradition?


  1. Mine is Christmas morning, having a nice leisurely breakfast followed by a slow, enjoyable opening of gifts while we listen to Christmas music. We don't have children, so we don't have any of the mad paper-tearing craziness! LOL