Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thanks! I needed that!

Yesterday, I shared with you the plunder from the party. There was a big pile o'stuff under my tree, and Mr. Pretty was rolling his eyes. Sometimes that's just what I need. Seriously. I mean, I get all caught up in my knitting or sewing or goofing off on the computer, and I need him to bring me back to earth, otherwise I miss out on all the stuff the non-knitters that I love are doing. So, thanks for that, Mr. Pretty, I needed it!

But sometimes, I'm just knitting along, stitches flying from my needles like this lady (it's almost 7 minutes, but more than pretty good, and you'll gain valuable insight into the mind of the knitter you love!):
...and then I come to the end of my rope yarn, and I'm not sure what to do. You see, I have a LOT of yarn. Yes, well so did she. And, when I come to the end of my yarn, I usually have my scissors handy. Yes, well so did she. Unlike the lady in that video, though, I think I still have a grip on reality. I know that I will survive if I stop knitting. But, very much like her, when I put down the needles, sometimes my hands keep going. Sometimes, I just don't want to stop. I like my lap full o'knitting! 
I love a long scarf as much as the next gal, and I will keep knitting until I run out of yarn, but then what? What if I don't have a yarn needle handy to weave in the ends? Do I just let down my hair and keep knitting that, leaving you all wondering whether I will start to unravel my sweater to keep going when my hair is gone? No! I never want to be that close to the knitting cliff! So, this is what I do with my weaving needles so that I always have one on hand!
It's just a tiny sock that I have attached with a piece of yarn to my scissors, and I have one of these on almost all of my knitting scissors. I love mine so much, that I decided to make them for my knitting friends, too! This is how I packaged them up for the stockings at the party:
These are a little bigger than my original sample, but same idea!
Oh, and I added chocolate to the package, because
you can never go wrong with kisses!
I knitted 19 little socks out of leftover sock yarns,
I found some Christmas light beads,
so I made stitch markers, too!
...and I put them on split rings and a hook, so they're easy to attach to your scissors or knitting bag. Now I know 19 knitters who will always have a needle on hand while they're knitting...well, unless they lose their scissors! If that happens, all bets are may be the last knit! Aaargh!
C'mon! You know you want to make one!!!
If you're always losing your needle, I'm sure you could make a needle sock of your own...the simple info for all the sock knitters out there is this:
----- Fingering yarn, sz. 1 needles
----- Work a tiny sock using your fave sock methods!
----- (the ones I gave away are 20 sts around, 
----- and the tiny one is 12 sts around)

Toe up or top down, it doesn't matter! And don't worry about loose or tight sts at the cast on/bind off...this sock doesn't have to fit anyone, and you don't have to neatly weave in your ends either! A quick and useful item for any knitter (or crocheter!). =D

Thanks for stopping by, and knit never know when it might be your Last Knit! Quick! Where's your scissors? needle? yarn?

Knit in Good Health, friends!