Saturday, December 22, 2012

O Christmas Tree (felt edition)

I've now got two Christmas trees up in my house! You see, I knew that Peanut was coming to visit for Christmas, and I knew that this curious toddler would LOVE to play with my Christmas tree, and I also knew that many of my ornaments were not of the "toddler-safe" when I saw THIS IDEA online, I pinned it, and I copied it, lickety-split! This is what I came up with:
My tree is a little short and squat...
but guess what? So am I!
Anxiously awaiting their arrival, I cut out the tree first, and put it on the wall using command picture hanging strips (the "toothy" side grabs the felt really well, without damaging it). Then I printed off this pattern page, and free-handed the stars. I don't know why I am comfortable free-handing stars and not is what it is, as always! Finally, I sat myself down on the sofa to wait and to cut out the ornaments. I got them all done (in between the jumping-up-to-see-if-I-heard-their-car-door-every-30-seconds) before their, this was a pretty quick project (took a little under 2 hours from first cut to last)!

I really wish that I could show you a picture of Peanut playing with her own "Santa tree" (as she calls it), but she's a quick toddler these days! The photos are few and far between, and this Gramma is gonna hafta work on her "quick draw" with the camera before Christmas morning, to say the very least! But know that my "Santa treed" are surviving the visit, the grand-dogs and Peanut...and we are all having fun with felt! Mork likes to knock off the ornaments to see how long it takes me to put them back...with my OCD-nes, it's a pretty funny game! (Even I can see the funny in that!)

Christmas is getting close, and I'm excited! I hope that your plans are coming together, and that December 25th finds you content and in good company, too! Be well, and I'll see you tomorrow!

Do you have any un-finished, holiday projects?


  1. That's really cute! I just finished my last two knitted gifts tonight. Looking forward to starting a project for ME tomorrow! :)