Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lonely Lace Sweater seeks Pretty Knitter

Lace Sweater here...
Lonely Lace Sweater, started Oct. 19th...
Ummm, has anybody seen Pretty?!? I am starting to worry about her. You see, we were really getting to know each other last month, even enjoying some car knitting together, and then POOF!, she was just...gone. Oh, I guess I shouldn't complain. I mean, I am here in my cozy knitting bag, and no cat has chewed on me for nearly a month, but I really miss Pretty...

The last I remember, she said something about Christmas. I'm not really sure what that you know? Well, anyway, she said something about Christmas...and knitting...sooo, I thought we were gonna hang out more than usual, but I guess I was mistaken. She folded me neatly on November 10th and tucked me into my bag, and I haven't see her since.

Wait. What was THAT?!? I don't sing...or maybe I do? Anyway, here I sit, waiting to be knit, and missing my pretty knitter. I hope that she comes around soon. I MISS PRETTY!!!

(sob! sob! sob!)

If Pretty were here, I am sure that she would thank you for stopping by, so thank you.

Pretty? If you're out there, won't you please come home and Knit in Good Health?!? I miss you.

The Lace Sweater

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  1. Ha ha ha...poor sweater! I'm sure Pretty will be back for you in a few more weeks...