Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Burnin' Down the House...

So, you know that I make gingerbread, and gingerbread houses, and that I have been doing this for several years. Because of this, you might assume that I actually know what I am doing, and most days I would agree with that assumption. This week, however, the gingerbread has humbled me.

I started strong, with the melting...
Shortening, sugar and molasses...sweet!
...and the mixing (I'll pt up the recipe in a couple days, I promise!).
I spice my cookies with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.
Even the rolling...
I roll out my gingerbread with my grandma's rolling pin.
This makes me exceedingly happy. :)
...and the cutting out went very well!
I have pattern pieces cut from cardboard for this part.
But then (oh!, the tragedy!) when I opened the oven on my second pan...
Ack! What happened?
You see, the gingerbread should really look like this when it comes out of the oven:
Golden, warm cookie...yummm!
But too many of my pieces looked like this instead...
Too dark...and blotchy? Whaaaa?
I'm still not exactly sure what happened, but suffice to say that gingerbread can be tricky...you really gotta watch it! And even though that first pan took 10 minutes to bake (the roofs are the largest pieces, so I usually do them first, and they can take longer), that next pan may only take 5-7 minutes.
I think I can still use most of my pieces...after all, I'm going to
cover them with icing and candy, so it should be fine. :)
On the positive side of things, I know that my new smoke detector works! It works like a charm...(sigh!)

How have the Holidays humbled you this year?

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