Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Can We Blog?

Black Cat: Can we blog, Pretty? Can we? Can we?!?

White cat: Don't listen to her, Pretty. Just blog yourself.

Black Cat: Puh-leeeeeeease!!!

White Cat: Whatever. I'm taking a nap.
Black Cat: You can't take a nap! We're on the blog...!!!
White Cat: Still taking nap.
Black Cat: Silly!
Black Cat: I'm going to blog then...did you see her new sweater? She laid it out on the floor yesterday!

White Cat: Don't. Care.

Black Cat: But look! It's so green...
Black Cat: ...and oooh! It's squishy...
Black Cat: ...and comfy!!!
Black Cat: Oh! (yawns) Now I see what you mean about the nap!

Pretty: Black Cat...what do you think you're doing?
Black Cat: What? You made me a sweater to sleep on, so I'm taking a nap...

Pretty: Ummm, that's my new Mr. Greenjeans. It's NOT for you to sleep on, it's for me to wear...well, when it's finished...

Black Cat: But it's good for sleeping NOW!!!

Pretty: No, you're done sleeping. Now, SCOOT!!!

Black Cat: I was just trying to help...I know how busy you are the day before Thanksgiving...and I know that you don't like me to sit on the counter while you cook. I KNOW THAT!

Pretty: Well, I suppose you have a point. Thank you very much for helping. Now, please scoot...I'm really hoping to make some progress on that sweater this afternoon, but I won't be able to work on it if you are sleeping with it. 

And thank you, readers, for stopping by. I hope that you have all your ducks (turkeys?) in a row for the holiday tomorrow, and I hope that you will have a moment to reflect on your blessings every day as we enter fully into the "Holiday Season," starting with Turkey Day! By the way, I won't see you tomorrow, so I hope that my US friends have a very Happy Thanksgiving, no matter who you are sharing it with! 

I also hope that you will have a moment (or more!) to Knit in Good Health!

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  1. If it's important, cats know it and own it. They're so cute, they know they can get away with it.