Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Rest of the Rest of the Story!

OK, I promise. This is it. I promise. Really. I went to the doc, and I've been told that I am healing beautifully (yay!!!), so surely I can get through the telling you about all of the rest of the recovery knitting, right?!? Let's hope so! And let's get right to it. 

First up is a fun little Skinny Scarf, knit from a single skein that caught my eye in a shop I visited for the first time a couple of weeks into my recovery. 
This scarf is almost like jewelry!
Love it with a blouse!
It was one of those skeins that makes you think to yourself (or exclaim out loud), "OMGosh! This is Be-A-U-TI-Ful!!! But what do you do with it? Do you carry it with another yarn? Do you knit it on it's own? What will I make with this beauty? Do I need more than one skein? I HAVE to have it, but how much do I really have to have?" 
See what I mean?
In the end, I only bought the one skein, but I love the scarf it made. I loved it so much that I made another scarf right away, but in a different yarn...aaand I challenged myself to a new technique!
The knitting goes every which way,
and it's pretty cool!
That's right, it's multi-directional! Bonus (because there are a LOT of bonuses lately), it's MMMMMMalabrigo! Mmmm, that yummy yarn! There was only one skein of this colorway, and I had to have it, so it simply had to be an Entrelac Scarf...not bad for my first time! Something I'm not knitting for the very first time, is another pair of Mittens With a Flap.
Didn't realize it was stripey until I started, but I like it!
It's a pattern I wrote, so I'm partial to the finished products, even when they're not quite finished yet! And this is a yarn that is new to me, so I am forming my opinions. It's called J√§rbo Garn Raggi Multi, and it's an aran weight, and I think I like it. :) 

OK, that's about it! Whew! Of course, in the week-and-a-half it's taken me to catch up and tell you about all I have been knitting, I've kinda cast on a few new things too...I'm a knitter, what can I say? I'll fill you in on all of THAT next time! So, what have you been doing the last few weeks? I'm so enjoying being back to the blogosphere, just in time for the winter knitting!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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