Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Is it real? Or is it Memorex?

You decide, is this a real cat?:
First clue, I've never heard it purr...maybe it's depressed?
White Cat and Black Cat were quite concerned when this cat showed up last month. They already think there's not really enough kitty kibble to go around, and this gal (fellow?) appears to have extra toes, so he (she?) will surely gobble up more than her (his?) fair share. They are also concerned that even they cannot figure out the gender of the new feline friend (foe?). That tail stays so tightly wrapped, and we had to put it outside about two weeks ago because it kept sleeping on the table!
Eventually, it really started to creep us out...and it was
setting a bad example for the other cats.
Besides, I think he (she) likes it out there. Just look at this:
Check out those eyes...creepy!
One downside, now that it's outside, is that it's creeping out my neighbors, too, one even had her husband poke it with a stick last week to see if it was alive! She messaged me on Facebook, and we are still laughing today!!! We think (but we are not certain) that this is somebody's beloved pet, taxidermied. (Wait, is "taxidermied" even a word? Spell-check thinks not.) Creepy or not, this well-preserved kitty obviously belongs in my blog, because she (he) obviously loves the knitting! There he (she) sits, in the sun, just enjoying my FINISHED Hitchhiker! Here's another look at the scarf...
Check out the scarf! Not creepy at all.
Insert applause and compliments here.
Just like all of the CKW girls (and others) who have knit this, I love the pattern. It's just magical the way the teeth appear, and it's easy-easy-quick-and-cheesy knitting! Even though the knitting was easy, I really grew weary of the project at the end...the rows were long and more than a little boring. =/ But then I finished, and very I nearly cast on another one immediately...lolz!
All stretched out in the sun...
drinkin' in the sunshine.
It is just stunning!
Reminds me of sherbet! Yummmm...
How can you argue with a scarf that looks so lovely? Even all folded up, it just begs to be petted and admired on the sunny porch! Even so, I still have not cast on another quite yet...we are heading into the cold-weather seasons, but I want to see how I like/love wearing this one before I knit a million more! In the meantime, I have found that I am back to the monogamous knitting, for the time being anyway...
Love, love, love the Wallaby!
Yep! It's another Wonderful Wallaby! I have knit a few of these through the years, and I knew that I was ready to knit another, but I ran into a roadblock the day I started (last Thursday, after knit-night)...I couldn't find the pattern! Oh Noes!!! It's only sold as a paper pattern, and these days I keep most all my patterns digitally. If I could have purchased a digital copy, I would have just bought a second copy, but it just is not available as a PDF (yet anyway). :( I did eventually find it, yay!, and you can see where I am...just starting sleeve 2, with plans to join sleeves/body sometime tomorrow, I hope! When I get to that point, I am planning to cast on another cardigan for meeee! Oh, and a pair of socks for someone...not sure who yet. :) I have no socks on the needles (gasp!) at the moment, and that needs to change!

There is some secret Christmas knitting, but not nearly as much as in years past...I'm just not feelin' it so much this year. Maybe that will change (it usually does, somewhere around the December 1st, right?), but for now, there's just not much Christmas knitting planned, and I am ok with that. Totally.O.K. Are you guys doing a bunch of Christmas knitting for 2012? Inquiring Pretties want to know! Inquiring Pretties also want to know what you think of our new kitty-friend...
Is it real? Or is it Memorex? Or should I just spray paint it black and leave it out until after tricks and treats? Hahaha! (I crack me up!)

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. CREEPY!!! Where did it come from? My friend had one several years ago, but I think it was rabbit fur or something. Totally creeped me out.

    I think it definitely belongs in the Halloween decorations box. Instead of spray paint, how about some of that Just for Men stuff you comb in?

  2. Creeps me out too! Haven't decided about christmas knitting yet, like you maybe around December 1 I will have the bright idea to make everyone sweaters and matching hats.

  3. Ok now that I am totally creeped out...I love your finished Hitchhiker...and the Wallaby looks like it's gonna be fun to knit up.

    Hope you have a wonderful day and weekend, too. :)

  4. It's really just creepy!

    But I love the colors of the Wallaby!