Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happ-y Halloween-y!!!

Trick or Treat! 
When Mindy sent this pic, she said, "She won't wear her
ears or smile...she's Minnie." LOL!
I hope you have your Corny Candy Bag to collect the plunder if you are going out tonight! If you live in the northeast corner of the US, I hope that you also have your personal flotation device...

Our Tricks-and-Treats have been postponed to the weekend, but the holiday is here, so Minnie and I say to you and yours, "Happy Halloween! Eat as much candy as you can!" (Unless you have a medical reason not to...) I guess I'll just be hunkered down with just my knitting...TRAGEDY!...NOT!!!

In the absence of the little ones tonight, I am especially glad that you stopped by, and I hope that you will be Knitting in Good Health (and staying warm) this evening.


  1. Happy Halloween, and take care, y'all.

  2. She couldn't get any cuter (and I knew even without the ears who she was!) Happy Halloween!!!