Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween is almost here...

I wish I still had these little people to decorate for Tricks and Treats:
Cute, cute little cat! And a painted turtle. This was during
the heyday of TMNT, and we were so into that!
Dollface and Mork circa 1992
How much more adorable does it get? Oh right, there's this too!
I hope he forgives me for posting a picture of
him in tights, but he's Robin Hood, for
goodness sake! She's Tink!
Dollface and Mork circa 1994
Sorry the pics are fuzzy...they are pictures of pictures in my scrapbook. I just needed to get back on the blog-horse today, and Halloween seems like a natural thing to blog about in October. I remember, back in the day, I sewed and painted and crocheted and glued to come up with cute costumes for the wee ones in our family (while they would still let me). These were fun times. The only thing that might have made them better is digital photography! I've got lots of photos, but not a lot of good photos...developing was expensive!

What are you (or your kids) wearing for Halloween 2012?

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