Saturday, October 27, 2012

Decision 2012

I promise (especially to my friends in the "swing states") that this is NOT a political post. There were polls, and votes, and decisions to be made, but the issues were mostly knitting-related! =D For instance, I've been wanting to do an Advent something for a couple of years now. I've searched the Ravelry patterns, and queued more than a couple of things lately, but I finally settled on these two options:
Tiny mittens OR socks, to fill and to hang, and to count down the days to Christmas! They are both begun on 24 sts, so their size is similar, and they are both super cute...but once I decided that the "year of the knitted toy" (this year) was the time to finally get this done, I realized that I had to choose quickly...there's just a little more than a month until December 1st! So I put up a poll in two of my groups on Ravelry, and the clear winner (without worrying about swing states and without a single commercial aired and approved by the knitter) was...

*drumroll, please*

MITTENS WIN! Thinking it through, I decided that 24-stitch mittens and 24-stitch socks were both very do-able within my time frame...however, in terms of fussiness, I chose 24 thumbs (held stitches, a couple of extra ends to weave) over 72 color changes (many ends to weave and working with two balls of yarn for each one) on the socks. So, thumbs up!, and thanks for your input if you participated in the polls...I'll keep you updated on my progress. As you can see, I have six mitts finished, with a seventh one started...yay!

Mittens vs. Socks was not my only decision this week. I made another pretty big decision as well...on a whim I decided to...
It was almost a total whim. I had my first thought of getting a haircut around 9am that morning, and I did print out some photos to take with me, but there was no "I think I'm going to cut my hair" conversation with Mr. Pretty, my friends, or ANYONE! I just walked into Great Clips, and handed the pics to Jennifer when she introduced herself to me at around 6pm on Wednesday evening...which went something like this:

Jennifer (with the two-toned hair and perky-smiley-happy face):
Pretty? Hi, I'm Jennifer!

Me: Hi Jennifer...I sure hope you're feeling adventurous tonight...

*Jennifer just blinks. Pretty thinks she hears crickets.*

Me: ...I'm a middle-aged woman, in the throes of hormonal imbalance, and I am looking for a CHANGE!

Jennifer (looking instantly relieved): Oh! You're my drastic change haircut for the day! I LOVE those!

This response made me exceedingly happy, and I had apparently happened upon the correct stylist for the evening, because we talked and laughed as I encouraged her to "go a little shorter even," and this is how it turned out:
Jennifer was pleased with it. I am pleased with it, and no-one has fainted dead-away upon seeing the new "do" since Wednesday, so I'm also calling this decision a big win as well...yay!

The last WIN for the week is really something I should have told you about on Wednesday, but I forgot to take photos when I finished...sometimes life is like that, you know? Anyway, here is the finished Wanda (plus) Wallaby:
Not sure why I can't seem to get a good shot of this one...maybe it's the approach of winter (brrrr!) with it's shorter days, maybe it's the acrylic yarn (right, Trish?), or maybe it's just that I've been busy, and my photo routine is currently down to "throw-it-over-there...we-haven'!" Yeah. I think it's that last thing. And it is what it is. BUT, it's finished! (Seamed, soaked and photographed, too. That counts, doesn't it Jasmine?!) Win!!!

Soooo, that's a LOT for one post, and much of it was knitting! Another win! But, now it's time to say goodbye to all our family...wait, that's another show, from quite a few years back...

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

This post has been brought to you today by the letter "W" (for winning!) and by the number "24" (see mittens and socks).


  1. Your new "do" looks lovely! Good for you for being adventurous. And thumbs way up for the mittens!

  2. Yay! Love the new "doo" and the new sweater...and while I voted for the socks...the mittens are adorable(and easier I'm sure)

  3. Love the new haircut! Super cute advent calendar idea.