Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wild and Wonderful Wednesday

Now that I've roped you in with an absolutely FANTASTIC title, I have to come clean...I got nuthin' today.  My last few weeks have been pretty wild stressful.  Good Wonderful things are coming, to say the least, but the getting there can be pretty tough.  You can read about it HERE, if you are so inclined.  :)

Despite all of the roller coaster emotions, and the Ravellenic knitting that distracted me for a bit, I did manage to get the baseball sweater blocked, tho.  I've even stitched it, all it needs is buttons.  That means I need some motivation to find buttons for the baseball sweater...I may even have something spectacular in the button box, but I won't know until I get off my duff and look!  

Here's hoping your summer is sailing along smoothly, and also that your fall is full of fine friends!  Thanks for stopping by, and for putting up with the alliteration...  Knit in Good Health, friends!!!

The dolls, in their new home, far away from Gramma.

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