Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Guest Room

White Cat: Testing...Testing...1, 2, this thing on?

Black Cat: (sigh!) It's a BLOG, not a podcast.

White Cat: But, it's our turn, right?

Black Cat: Yes...she said we could blog today.  Did you ask her about the knitting?

White Cat: Why?

Black Cat: Because it's a Knitting Blog, you dope!

White Cat: Oh...I didn't ask her...did you?

Black Cat: No.  

White Cat: Oh.  (sigh!)  Now what?

Black Cat: Did you see this?
White Cat: What? 
Black Cat: This empty room long has this been empty?
White Cat: I dunno...a week maybe?
Black Cat: Hey!  You don't this, could it be, is it a ROOM FOR THE CATS?!?

White Cat: And you think I'm "out there?"

Black Cat: NoNoNoNoNo!  Look!  The Kitty Condo could go here, and the Catnip could go here, and the cushy cat beds could go right in the middle...maybe we could bring back the sofa so we can keep our toys under there...!
White Cat: Back up the train, you really think this is a room for us? I bet she's gonna store yarn in here or something...

Black Cat: (sigh!) You're probably right.  (sigh!)

White Cat: But, just think...if it were a cat room, we could get a LOT of beauty rest in here!
Black Cat: Yeah, you need a lot of beauty rest.
White Cat: Hey!

Black Cat: What?!?  You think I'm kidding?

White Cat: You big dope!
Black Cat: I'm just tellin' it like it is...

White Cat: I'll tell YOU like it is...
Pretty: Hey, you two!  Knock it off!  I'm moving some furniture in there today, so you better scoot!  That's gonna be the guest room, so Mork, Mindy and Peanut can visit next month!

White Cat: I told you it's not a cat room!
Pretty: That's right, it's a guest room.  So, you two scoot!  If I'm going to knit at all today, we've gotta get this bed moved, and the TV set up, and the much to do!  

To the readers: Oh, HI!  I almost didn't see you there!  So glad that you stopped by!  I wish I could talk longer, but as you see, I barely had time to blog today!  I hope that your day is everything you want it to be, and that you have some time to Knit in Good Health!

PS - Mork is home!  Go here to see some photos!

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  1. Very funny! Good thing the cats didn't get too entrenched in there--possession is nine-tenths of the law you know!