Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ravellenic Knitting: Part One

Have you heard about the Ravelympics Ravellenics?  I know I mentioned them in this post, and there was some contraversy over the name...some copyright or trademank issue...and it was kinda outrageous.  BUT knitters are pretty bounce-back-y from such blows to our egos, so we are still having games in conjunction with the actual Olympics!  Our games are meant to challenge our knitting selves with projects that will stretch us as the knit-thletes (and crochethletes) that we are, and I am no exception to that rule!

My projects this year aren't so much about stretching my knitting skills as they are about stretching my knitting time during a transition in our family.  You see, the schedule for the Games (Olympics AND Ravellenics) currently coincides with the time I knew that Sweetie and I would be escorting Mindy and Peanut to their home (several states away) to set up housekeeping and prepare for Mork's return...YAYYYYY! for Mork's return!

Sooo, amid the stuff and the extra lovely people that I have had the honor to host...and despite a cross-country caravan to move all that stuff and all those people to the southern hospitality they'll call goal was a few dishcloths (art squares) for the Homespun Hammerthrow event, and a lace beret for the Hat Dash event.  Have I made any progress?  Well, yes...I have!  Nothing is finished yet, but there has been Ravellenic knitting..and there will be Ravellenic knitting photos in Part Two...sooo, stay tuned!

Have you reached the finish line on anything lately?

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Yay Mork is coming home!!!!
    Boo Mindy and Peanut are moving!
    YAY travel time means knitting time!
    I know you're relieved and sad all at the same time.

  2. Sorry to hear that Peanut is not only moving, but moving far away. :( What IS that Pop-Pop going to do without his Peanut around?

    But it is so wonderful to hear that Mork is coming home safe and sound!

    As far as me reaching the finish line.....nope not even off the start block yet. But I'll get there. After all, "slow and steady wins the race". :)

  3. Goal: As many medals as Mr. Phelps.