Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Oh noes!  I looked in the cupboard the other day, and I got a dreadful fright! It seems that someone must have wanted to see a new TV reality show...Knitters who Hoard (or Hoarders who either one really better?).  We won't even talk about yarn, because it goes much deeper than my stash...just trust me.  ANYway, when I opened up my kitchen cupboards, guess what I found?
There were mugs in every cupboard!  Mugs and cups of nearly every shape and size had taken over my kitchen...some that I use every week, and some I haven't seen in DECADES!  There were mugs with ergonomically correct handles:
Sweetie likes the ergonomically correct!
There were mugs for soup:
Sentimental mugs:
I broke my "World's Best Mom" mug within a week. =/
Matching mugs:
These match my not-fancy-but-nearly-unbreakable Corelle dishes.
Insulated mugs:
Celebrity mugs:
My Mom loves Elvis...this was a Christmas present from her.
Quirky mugs:
Seasonal mugs:
Do I really need to decorate EVERY room for Christmas?
Commemorative mugs:
We actually had FIVE of these.
Souvenir mugs:
I should've gotten the magnets.
Plastic mugs and sippy cups:
Oh, and a candle holder:
No idea why or how it got in there...I don't usually burn candles

It was an interesting walk down memory mug lane, but I knew immediately that it was time to "thin the  herd" in my mug collection.  I don't think my house will ever be able to hold enough people to use all of these mugs, and I don't have a dishwasher, which means that it would take several hours to hand-wash them if I ever DID want to use them!  (How does it get dusty inside the cupbord???)

Some of the mugs went into the trash, and some went into the recycling bin.  The really special Daddy mug (a Father's Day gift when the kids were very small), and some others, still have a place in my cupboard.  I was so brutal with the rest that I even have an entire shelf free now!  (As you are my witness, I will not fill this shelf with new mugs.)  I really feel accomplished, especially since there has also been knitting during my recent spring cleaning (of a couple cupboards) spree!

For a friend's baby shower, I knitted a "Little Man" sweater and hat that I designed as I went.  I have not written a formal pattern, but I started with my fave sweater recipe, fingering weight yarn and an idea of braided cables.  IMHO, it turned out pretty great, and the Mommy-to-Be liked it too, soooo Yay!
AND, I finished another pair of socks!
AND, I am swatching (no, really, I AM!) for the baseball sweater that YOU helped me choose for my next knit!  It's been a good couple of days.  I hope that you have also been getting things done this spring!  Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!