Saturday, February 4, 2012

You gonna finish that?

I see by some of Wednesday's comments that February IS for FINISHING!  Yay for every UFO that will become an FO this month!  And YAY! for the knitters and quilters and crafters who will be freeing up some space for new WIPs!  Casting on is so much more fun after you've finished an item or thirty!

Don't forget to head on over to Life in Cleveland to sign up and post your finished projects each week to enter the CONTEST!  (See Jeanne's blog for details about the how, where and when...)  I am extra excited for the first week's prize package because it will include some Pretty Knitty Jewelry!  (I have something very special for the winner, but it's a surprise!  Shhh!)  Head on over to the shop to take a look around at my stuff, then GO ENTER JEANNE's CONTEST!!!  It's gonna be so much fun!

Speaking of finishing AND the shop, I am not finished yet with my blog ch-ch-ch-changes yet...there's one more tab up there, to tell you a little bit about the Pretty Knitty Family, and I think my next page will feature my row counters and other Pretty Knitty Jewelry.  I really wanted to have that done for today...but, you know what happens to the best laid plans, right?  Right.  They have a car accident that screws up much of their week.  Well, at least that's what mine did.  Not my fault, nobody hurt, and the other guy has good insurance (yay!), but the party car looks like this:
It's kindof a bummer, but the car is currently in the shop, and I am hoping that their plans include a "February is for Finishing" clause as well.  Regardless of the inconvenience of the situation, I do have a rental and there has been knitting, so I am gonna call it "all good" in Pretty-Land.  :o)

And speaking of the knitting, here's what I've started to finish this month:
Buttons on the Sheep Sweater (finished now!!!):
A hat to go with:
A new green hat to replace the green hat she said was too tight and pointy (?), this one more slouchy...BUT, I can't finish it until she brings me the old hat to pull out for more!:
Oh, and this one is not knitting, but I had a "skin" made for my new iPod...the company is called skinit, and although they have LOTS of designs, I used one of my own photos...I think it turned out pretty cool!  (BTW, here's a 20% off coupon code, if you want to make a skin or two for your own stuff...FEB12):
All in all, it's been a week since last Saturday...ain't that always the way?  I hope that you are on your way to finishing some things this month, and Good Luck in Jeanne's Contest!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope that your Saturday is great, and that you will find some time to Knit (and sew and craft and FINISH SOMETHING) in Good Health!


  1. Wow thanks for all the links!!!!

    And that sucks about the car crash.... ugh.

  2. OK that skin is seriously cool!!!

    and Yay for February Finishing!

  3. That skin is the best reason I've ever seen for owning an i-anything! And I finished my niece's Christmas dress in February (yes, last Christmas. What's your point?)

    1. Yay! You finished it! (the when really doesn't matter)