Wednesday, February 15, 2012

O Valentine!

Yesterday, you may remember, was Valentine's Day.  It's not a big deal at our house. . .never really has been.  In fact, I worried a little that Mork might not "get" how important this Hallmark holiday is to some girls. . .however, over the weekend, Mindy brought Peanut, and their "Valentines from Daddy," to our house to show off a little!  Take a look:
First, there were the "dozen roses" 
(chocolate covered strawberries actually)
Then there was the bear and balloon for the baby
Follow that up with a Skype session from the best Daddy-Valentine ever
Then, well. . .YUMMM!!!
It was a good Valentine weekend for Mindy and Peanut!  (Also for those around to "help" eat the strawberries!)

As a bonus, Pretty finished the letter O!  The other vowels were not quite sure about this donut-shaped addition to the family. . .
But, hey!. . .it's a donut-shaped letter. . .who wouldn't learn to love that?

Another item in the "Finish Department" over the weekend is this hat:
It's a hat for Peanut, but you may notice that Peanut is not wearing it.  That's because this is the hat with the unique distinction of being the first hand-knit that Peanut has absolutely, unequivocally and without any doubt, refused to wear. . .lol!  

I put it on her several times, and it fits snugly (as it should, to keep her head and ears warm).  Every time I do, she sticks her fingers up in the brim immediately, ripping it off and throwing it as far as her little arm can throw (I think she may be a fast-pitch superstar someday) grunting, making the face and slapping her thigh as the hat flies!  Considering her opinion of the hat, I think I am gonna skip the mittens for now, and find another recipient for this stunning piece of purple-ness that I so lovingly knit. . .anyone have a baby girl who needs a hat?

So, there you have it.  A new letter to love, and an new hat to hate. . .happy heart day to me!  I hope that your holiday was everything you wanted it to be, and that chocolate was somehow involved.

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Dang I wish my head was big enough to fit in that hat! It is so cute! I love the colors!

  2. A new variation on the Uh Oh baby game! Great fun!