Wednesday, February 1, 2012


There are changes afoot at the Pretty Knitty Blog, but they are not too major.  I am taking a page from a friend's book. . .errr blog (thank you, Life in Cleveland!). . .and I am trying out some of the things on blogger that I have not tried before. . .like Pages!  Who knew that my blog could have pages?  with tabs?  You did?  Good for you!!!  I just realized that this was an option, and I am pretty stoked to play with it!

My first page is going to be (drumroll please. . .)


. . .and the crowd goes wild!. . .

Because I now have three patterns up on Ravelry, and all are free!  I had them in the side bar of the blog for a long time, but that side bar was getting pretty heavy.  Sooo, without fanfare, pomp or circumstance, I moved them to this page (see the tab right under my blog banner?) last Saturday.  After the move, I felt a little like this in my brain:
Dollface was so tired after her recent move to a new apartment!
Anyway, my brain was tired from the trial-and-error-and-finally-triumph, so I stopped there, and (of course) I picked up some knitting.  I am so glad that I have knitting to rescue my occasionally over-burdened brain!  There is just something so soothing about sheep. . .
. . .and the color PINK. . .
. . .and sheep. . .
. . .and knitting for Peanut!  Even though it's not quite finished (still needs buttons, but I have those on hand!), I am pretty happy with how this turned out, and I have officially called it another finished object!  Yay!!!

Speaking of finishing, some of my friends are embarking on a journey this month.  They are committing that "February is for Finishing," and I am thinking of joining in.  My brain, of late, is just flirting with frogging that bind off on the Abalone.  And there are so many toys I would love to cast on. . .'course, if I choose Mochi-toys, I could call that finishing. . .(that project says "WIP," does it not?).  In any case, whether February is for finishing or for finding freedom to cast-on some things, it should be a fine month!

What will you be finishing in February?

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit (and finish) in Good Health!


  1. The sheep sweater is absolutely adorable! I love the lacy pattern on the body of the sweater. So sweet!

  2. Yay for pages!!!! I love figuring new things out on the blog. I'm geeky like that. And yay for Finishing February. I need to figure out how exactly I'm going to run this... seems like people are interested. Perhaps just a linkey party with prizes?

    1. I love that you are geeky like that, because so am I! But I miss things, and now I don't miss! I just have to find the time to knit-all-the-things AND make-all-the-pages! Thanks for shouting pages out!

  3. Tabs? We can do tabs? Oh, boy, I see a website redesign in my future! *LOL*

  4. The sheep are absolutely adorable! I don't know if I will finish anything in February since I just finished a baby blanket, but I definitely intend to start a couple of new things.

  5. LOVE the sheep! and Hooray for finish it February! I'm going to try to keep my finishing frenzy going along!

    Now to figure out moving my typepad blog to blogger....(I've tried but was having some issues..need to mess with it some more!

  6. Such cute sheepies!!!!

    And I need to get started on finishing things! (wait ... that sounded wrong! LOL)

  7. Stitches West stuff... For sharing and for showing off.

    1. Yay! I probably don't have to even say it, but I LOVE to show off! (And I love when my friends show off, too...I'm kindof a craft-celebrity groupie.)