Wednesday, February 22, 2012

C-A-T, and other words. . .

Why is it that when I am taking pictures that do NOT involve a C-A-T of any kind, one of my furry friends seriously wants to hone in on the action?  BUT, when I want to take a picture of this:
I have to include a toy kitty, because the others cannot be bothered to jump down from their regal positions on the back of the sofa!  Silly girls!  But, I did finish the letter C and the letter T this week, so even a toy C-A-T seemed appropriate!

At first, I was going to take lone pics, like this:
But look how lonely the "T" looks.  In that last picture, it looks like it's missing a V...I wonder what color V will, like the remote?  Maybe.  But, for now anyway, it can hook up with C and A (or B and U, or C and O, or B and A. . .you get the picture!) and not be quite so lonely.  Whew!  There's nothing quite as sad and pathetic as lonely letters!. . .or is there?  Sweetie and I were both pretty sad and pathetic this past week. . .nothing too major, but we both "tweaked" our backs at different times, and ended up at the doctor's office over it.  Of course, with all the down time, I also started two pair of socks.  One pair waiting for him at the doctor:
(These are my "Back Socks" on Ravelry.  Name's not too
original, it's just a plain vanilla sock in a crazy yarn, 
so I didn't have to think too much while I worried.)

This other pair is "Helen Socks" from a pattern I found on Ravelry, by verybusymonkey.  It's such a pretty lace, but only a 4 row repeat, and very easy to do without too much thought. . .you know, like when you don't want to tax yourself too much, but you need something to take your mind off of your hurty back. . .sigh!
So there's been a lot of sitting at my house this week. . .which means there's been a lot of knitting, and that's a good thing - yay!  And our backs are mostly better (or at least getting there) - yay!  And, although February has not really been about finishing for me, I have gotten a LOT done, in the knitting world anyway - yay!  I hope that you have had a productive week (free from injury), and that it's been mostly good for you, too.  =D

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Take good care of your backs, dear knitterly friend! I speak as a veteran of back surgery....which was, thankfully, successful. I'm glad to see that you've spent your healing-up time doing lovely things. :-) GET WELL SOON!!

  2. Watch those backs! Mine used to "give out" on my a couple times a year but I've been lucky and haven't had it happen since I started yoga!

  3. I am wondering why you does not haz a stitch counter that says your name. I love my 2 stitch counters you made - they say 'Cozy,' which is not merely cute but very helpful on the days when I forget who I am.