Saturday, January 28, 2012

Knitting Interrupted, kind of

Lately, the knitting has been going slowly for me.  My knitting time truly took a hit in the last few days, but please don't get me wrong...I am NOT complaining.  You see, there's a really good reason that I have not been knitting much lately, and this is it:
(in a sing-song-y voice) 
I got an iPod!  I got an iPod!!  No you can't touch it, 'cause it's my iPod...
That's right, folks!  Step right up and take a look!  I have a smart phone (Droid, not iPhone):
Aaaaand now I also have an iPod touch, 4th gen, gifted to me by a family member...YAY!!!
(That's right, folks!  I managed to get pictures in of the technology 
AND the baby, 'cause that's how this Gramma rolls...)

Anyway, the knitting took a hit so I could play with my new toy, and I had so much fun with the iPod, that it actually inspired new knitting!  (That's right, folks!  I cast on a new project with wild and reckless concern whatsoever for the other projects floundering around on my needles...I am outta control!)  Because, of course, every beloved technological device deserves a cozy, right?!?  Right!
Yep, in my possession less than 24 hours, and it already had a cozy...isn't it pretty?  Oh!  I have more sock yarn scraps, I think I am gonna go make it another!!!  Squeeee!!!  See ya later!

Almost forgot, thanks for stopping by!, and Knit in Good Health for your technology!


  1. You know it's the gateway drug for an iPad....just sayin'

  2. I use the notebook function on the ipod for knitting. You can keep track of what roll you are on, which is pretty darn cool! I always have mine by my side when I'm knitting!