Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Three Weeks. . .

Three weeks before Christmas, so I put on my Christmas socks!
Then I grabbed a couple knitters, and we went to a party that rocks!It rocks because of the food, there was fruit. . .. . .and meat,. . .and "Bacon Crack." (drool)
Honeycrisp with sweet, creamy dip. . .. . .and desserts from the front to the back!It rocks because of the guests, Joe was there with his toys. . .. . .and knitters (of course!), and we even had boys! (with video games)There was so much food that we all ate in rounds. . .And the knitters came to this party from all around "town"!As usual, we thank our angelic hostess. . .(?)Well, halo or not, she has hosted the mostest!
(Of all who attended, she has hosted the most Christmas parties, that I know of at least! But, here's a picture of "the Queen" in a more "natural" pose.)We wore festive clothes, with our best foots out strong. . .. . .and we knitted our hearts out, knitting 'til daylight was gone!But wait!, there's more! Are those gifties I see?Yay!, there are gifties for everyone under that tree!
(Sorry, but I can't show you all the stocking stuffers until next week. . .some bags are still unopened!)And then it was late, and time to go home. . .
(Wait, who said you could take this home? Weren't these meats a gift for the kitteh?)So we packed it all up, and then hit the road. :(

But before we left town, we stopped by this sight:Christmas house must be seen at the end of the night!
(Wow. Just Wow. And it's the whole cul-de-sac...not just that house. Wow.)

As we all headed home, and the party house grew less bright,We bid all, "Merry Christmas!," and, "See you Thursday night!"

It's good to have friends.
It's even better to have friends that like a good party.
But the best?
The best is knitting friends that LOVE to knit and have fun together!

Thanks again, to all my knitting friends, for all the wonderfulness of Sunday's party! See you Thursday!

And thank YOU, Dear Readers, for stopping by to see a little slice of the fun in pictures. I hope you are having a lovely (even if it's crazy) Holiday Season!

Knit in good Health!


  1. I want the recipe for "Bacon Crack" just because of the name.

  2. Hip hip hooray! So well put and such a great day!!

  3. Yay! Love all the pics. Thanks for adding my foot into the sock picture!!!