Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crack and Candy for Christmas

So, in a previous post, I mentioned Bacon Crack, and someone asked me for the recipe. . .but first, a photo!Oh!, if only this were in person. . .if you could smell it or just have one little taste, you would know why we knitters were so excited about having bowls and bowls of bacon crack at our parties! Mmmmmmmm! I asked my friend The Queen's permission (it's her recipe), and here is how you can become addicted to one more bacon recipe. And as you are buying more and more bacon next week, just remember that I warned you. . .addictive!

Bacon Crackers
---Club Crackers
---Garlic salt
---Parmesan cheese

Pre-heat oven to 250. Cut bacon into thirds and wrap around the cracker (like a belt). Lay them out on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle with garlic salt and then parmesan cheese. Cook for 2.5 hours.

Time consuming, but so easy, and soooo addicting! Mmmmmmmmm!

As for the candy, since this seems to be a recipe blog lately, I thought I'd also share Mr. Pretty's Grandmother's recipe for homemade caramel. . .again I say, "Mmmmmmmmmm!"When Grammy could no longer make the caramel for the holiday turtles, as well as the other yummy Christmas candies, I took over. It's nearly time to get cracking on the candy around here this Christmas, and once again, I am feeling the pinch of time running out! But, there truly is no match for the smell of homemade candy and bakery in my kitchen for the holidays. . .or any day, I guess. . .It's the best!

Now for the Eye Candy, because I know that you will gladly indulge a grandma who got to take her dear Peanut to see the big man in the red suit this past weekend. . .they really sized each other up!I think Peanut is enjoying the holiday season, and I know that I am! I'd regale you with tales of the knitting, but it's all holiday related at this point. . .so mum's the word! I promise updates the first of the year, and perhaps there will even be some not-so-secret knitting in the next couple of weeks?

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by, and I hope that you are taking time to enjoy the season amidst the busy-ness! Oh, and I hope that you are Knitting in Good Health!


  1. You know what would be awesome on the caramel? Sea salt! I got to sample one of Mikki's cookies on Sunday - fabooo!!

  2. So cute!

    And tell The Queen for me I'm going to ahve to try that recipe.

  3. Yum yum... I need to make the bacon crack...gotta find a party to take it to!

    Love peanuts boots!