Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Dilemma

"I have a dilemma."

If I were going to write a Pretty Knitty Speech in the month of December, that's how it would start. Today is December 10. . .just over two weeks until Christmas, and for the last few years, this time of year has thrown me right into a quandary.

Twenty years ago, or so, I started sending out Christmas newsletters. The first couple were rather long winded (like my blog posts?), and they chronicled every minuscule accomplishment of my way-above-average-I-was-sure-at-the-time family. Bragging? Maybe a little. Trying to prove to my friends and family that I was insanely happy in my hum-drum (sometimes boring, sometimes painful) little life? Yeah, that's probably closer to it.

As I sent (and received) letters each year, I started to realize that my friends and family didn't want the entire album of experiences every year, but really they just needed more of a snapshot. Over the years I got better and better at condensing, and I think some of my Christmas letters even bordered on entertaining and funny. At least I hope that's how they came across.

Then in 2009, something weird happened. I did not send out a Christmas letter, or even cards signed, "Love Mr. & Mrs. Pretty!" I tried, starting in November, but totally missed my Christmas deadline. Then I thought maybe I could get them out as "New Year" cards. . .but I failed again. . .Valentines? Easter Cards? Yeah, I was delusional at that point. Eventually, somewhere in June I think, I finally gave up on the dream and the dilemma.

I did manage to get cards out in 2010, and they went out before Christmas, and I think most of them even arrived at their destinations before the holidays were over. . .WIN!

This year, as I was setting up a decorative mantel for family photos at a church event,I revisited the dilemma. Am I gonna send out cards? Letters? Anything? Am I just too busy this year? If I gave up social media for the month (yeah, I know. . .who am I kidding with that one?), then could I find enough time to do the annual Christmas mailing? I mean, I still have the baking and the knitting and the shopping and the wrapping. . .maybe, just maybe I should let this go. . .but I can't pull the trigger. . .I don't know if that's my final answer or not.

What do you think? Do you send out cards? How many? Do you like to get Christmas cards? If you are on my list, will you miss a card from me this year? I don't know what I'm going to decide, but I do hope that you will leave me a comment with your thoughts.

Well, comment or not, thanks for stopping by!
Happy Christmas Season to you, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. I still send cards..but then I hate doing it....signing addressing....paying for the increasing crazy price of stamps...That said I've not started this years either....I keep thinking I need to go with photo cards (or perhaps postcards) that come all filled out...just mail. We'll see how the pups picture with Santa goes today...maybe I'll get a picture for a card?

  2. We still send cards, around 50-60. Having moved several times in our married lives, we have numerous friends that we don't want to completely lose contact with so we do send cards. I also send a newsletter but I try to make it something funny, like a multiple choice quiz with "quirky" choices. People seem to enjoy the newsletter, so I keep doing them. Of course, it's now 11 days to Christmas and I haven't started this year's letter yet, oops! I figure I'm not late as long as I get the cards mailed somewhere during the "12 days of Christmas"!

  3. Michelle, I saw the pic of the boys...verrrry cute!
    Julie, love the idea of the quiz. If I can come up with the time before the big day, I am gonna use that!

  4. I've rarely sent cards, but love receiving them. I think something short, sweet or picturesque always does the trick. A rule that someone else once shared with me (to cut down on the number of cards sent) was to only send cards to those you won't see in person around the holidays. I like that idea. If I sent cards, that is how I would do it.

  5. I send cards to our parents, siblings, and aunts and uncles that are just generically signed.

    Friends out of town get a personal note. Friends in town that I see in person, nope.

    We're at about 35 - 40 cards/year.

  6. I stopped sending cards when I realized (and admitted) that I didn't like doing them. It seemed too much like a chore. Sure, that meant that after a year or two we got less cards but I was okay with that. So I bought a box of cards, and now, if we get a card, I send one back. I've had the same box for 3 years. But I don't "strike first" so to speak. And I'm okay with that. I see my friends often and they don't need a card from me in the mail to wish them Merry Christmas and to remind them that I love them. They know that.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!