Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Unexpected Week So Far. . .

Unexpected and NOT FUNNY. . .
This is what the computer screen sometimes looks like just before the infamous "blue-screen-of-death" (dum-dum-dummmm) screen. . .I was not amused.

Aaaaugh! WHAT?!? I don't want to see that! (Luckily, my blue screen was not "the" blue screen, but it did slow me down until I figured out the problem. . .ugh!)

Unexpected and PRETTY FUNNY. . .
Look what I found while cleaning out my dresser drawers for new, smaller clothes: Eye-glasses I bought (and wore) in the mid-nineties, before the technician at my current Optometrist's office vehemently refused to let me purchase another pair of "Granny Glasses."

Unexpected, but SUPER CUTE. . .
I knit Helena in the 0-3 month size, and I was pretty sure the gauge was on target. I kept wondering why Wifey-Poo never put it on Peanut. It could be that the sweater just fits NOW, when she is nearly 6 MONTHS OLD! lol
Unexpected, and KINDOF HILARIOUS. . .
Pretty puts on the old specs, and finds that she can still rock this look! Hahahaha! Well, I AM a Grandma now!!!

But seriously now, these are going to the Lions Club for recycling. . .my Rx and my style have changed since the mid-nineties!!!

So that's my week so far. . .unexpected. Not as much knitting as expected. Not as much work in the shop as expected. More ZUMBA than expected (I joined a gym, step-class tonight!). I'm having a good, but unexpected, time this week! I hope your week is also going well. . .even if there are twists and turns you didn't expect. :o)

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. I think we must have led parallel lives lol. I had glasses almost exactly like those! And I was thinner back then so the glasses look even bigger on my face than they would now. I cringe when I look at some of the pictures.

    And Peanut is the cutest and luckiest little girl EVER.