Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's all in the Jeans. . .

Did you ever have "one of those days?" You know the kind. . .you need new jeans, so you decide to go to a store and get a pair. . .butt (pun intended) it's just not that simple. There are lots of jeans to choose from. Cute jeans that flare out at the bottom, look great with your favorite boots, and have lots of detail stitching around the pockets. . .. . .snug fitting jeans that hug your feminine curves, and look great with your favorite pink sweater for school. . .. . .or perhaps it's been more than a few years since you were in high school, and you're more a fan of the "Mom Jeans" style? A bit higher on the waist, and tapered at the bottom so you don't get them caught in the car door while you are running the endless carpools with the kids. . .Whatever your jeans-style is, there is likely to be a pair of jeans out there (somewhere) that you will love. I've looked for jeans at many, many stores, and I feel confident that there IS a pair for every body. However, finding that pair in just the right size. . .the size that produces neither camel-toe nor muffin-top. . .at a length that declares neither "FLOOD!" nor "we-need-a-new-pair-of-very-high-heeled-hurty-feet-styled-shoes-to-wear-with-these". . .well, there's the problem.

Through the years, I have hemmed many a jean cuff, and I have worn many long-and-loose-fitting tops to disguise a less-than-perfect fit below the waist and above the knee. . .and frankly, I'm sick of it! Sooo, I have finally designed my own line of blue jeans, and they will be the perfect fit for every knitter and crocheter. . .and you will never have to lay on the bed to zip them up (they are quite zipperless) they are also verymuch made of polymer clay!Jeans and sweaters by Pretty Knitty Jewelry are easy-care and affordable, aaaand they will help you keep track of your rows! Look for these beauties adorning combination knit/crochet row counters in the shop in just a couple of days. . .as soon as I can get them assembled. . .Yay!

In knitting knews, I am still plugging away at my
friend-y socks and a couple other things. I am really pushing to get these done, tho. . .fall only lasts so long, and the campfires all go out eventually!So, there you have it. . .jeans shopping and knitting-for-stress-relief. They go together. I wish you all the best if you find yourself jeans shopping in the near future, and please remember to never let the number on a pair of pants tell you who you are. Pretty thinks that you are pretty amazing!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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