Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hello, Kitty!

I've said, "Hello, Kitty!," an awful lot this week! I've been spending some extra time visiting and laughing with a neighbor who is the owner of a very friendly, very playful, very fun tabby-cat kitten. In the morning, afternoon and evening, this cat is ready to go! It's fun to walk into my friend's living room, greeted by a short woof from the dog (who can barely be bothered to get off the sofa) and the kitty jingle-ing around the corner to say hello. One morning, he just about leaped into my arms, and he is so snuggly-soft and warm! Is there anything better than snuggly-soft and warm on a crisp fall morning?

While my neighbor's kitty is far from being my knitting "muse" on most days, today his little white face is the cat's meow of knitting muses! Well, both the kitten and the QueenOfTorts on Ravelry are my muses! The queen brought the cutest hat to knit-night last Thursday, and now I have to make one. . .. . .so, I cast on Monday night for the Hello Kitty Hat. There's where I am so far, but still the knitting has been upstaged lately by so many other good things. (Pause now to reflect on recent time spent with Peanut, Wifey-Poo, Dollface and Snake. . .exercise classes at the local gym. . .playtime with clay for the Etsy store. . .smile!) This hat will hopefully still fit Peanut when she gets it,and I will hopefully get some more knitting time in my near future! After all, I still have not progressed much on the blue sweater. . .you get my Drift? Ah, well. There are worse things than short knitting time. At least Stacy and Clinton have finally taught me, through countless episodes of "What Not to Wear," that Mom Jeans are not my only option. . .(no offense intended to my friends who embrace their Mom Jeans. . .they really can't be beat for comfort! Besides, if Mom Jeans are your worst lot in this life, you are blessed indeed.) Sooo, like the last picture says, wear what you like, and Knit in Good Health! Oh!, and thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. It's a chilly morning. I need me a cat too!

  2. I am sure the hat will be adorable and fit perfectly when she gets it!