Saturday, September 10, 2011

And now, for the big reveal!

So, Pretty has worked with clay. And she has created some counters. And she has spent hours photographing the counters, and admiring the counters, and listing the counters on Etsy. . .phew! Now, guess who gets a cookie? Why, all my blog readers, of course! Here's your cookie, in the form of a discount at the shop! Come Monday, this discount goes live to everyone in the world of Ravelry (where I do most of my advertising), but for now, it's all yours for the taking! And Pretty. . .well, Pretty's going to take a massive NAP! But first, she is gonna knit on this hat for the hubs!You know, I put four balls of yarn on the table in front of him, two tan and two grey, and I said, "Which color would you like?" He answered quite plainly, "The blue." Well, I guess "Flint" is kind of a blueish-grey. And besides, we are both kind of blinded by the cuteness of one little Peanut who lives very close to us now. . .She loves to read and to play with her Grampa! (and her Gramma!) And we love to play and visit with her, too. . .we are so blessed.I hope that you have had time to count your blessings this week.

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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  1. Love your tag line for your bird counters! So very clever!