Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Very Tiny Little Kitchen (and red knitting). . .

Once there was a military family that lived in a little house in a southern state, far from friends and extended family. When the military time was finished, the little family decided to move back north, closer to their friends and extended family. When they got there, the Daddy found a new, non-military job, and the little family bought a little house. In the little house there was a little kitchen. . .a very tiny little kitchen. The very tiny little kitchen looked small from the hallway, and it looked small from the back door. . .there was no denying it - this was one of the smallest, tiniest, littlest kitchens the family had ever known.

(At this point, a good blogger would have dug out a photo of the tiny kitchen from when she moved into this house. . .back when it held a table for four in that corner by the window! Unfortunately, you got me today, so you get photos from this morning. . .)
One day, in the very tiny little kitchen, the BIG refrigerator that came with the tiny house went "ka-puttt"! The very pretty, and very smart, Mommy decided that it was time to put a smaller fridgie into the very tiny little kitchen, so she and the Daddy bought one of these, and it really did make the kitchen seem bigger. (Bonus - a tiny bit more "counter space," too!) But, there was not much room for food, and no freezer for ice. :^(
Of course, there was still a very BIG fridgie in the basement. . .this one they had brought with them when they moved into the tiny kitchen (which already had a BIG fridgie in it), so they put it in the basement for popsicles and fun food for the kids. It was a good plan, except if there was a dinner party and your guests want ice for their drinks, or salad with dressing, or anything cold with their meal.

. . And so, for years and years the family got lots of exercise whenever they went to the BIG fridge for a soda, or ingredients for dinner, or anything cold, and it really was not that bad. Then one day, the very pretty, and very smart, Mommy noticed that the very old, very BIG fridgie in the basement was not working well. . .it looked sick (and so did the wet ice cubes in it's freezer, making all of the frozen foods suspect for spoilage, but the family did not go hungry).

The very handy Daddy (yes, I am the Mommy and Sweetie is the daddy, and you are so clever to figure that out!), the very handy Daddy did his best to repair the Big basement fridgie, but to no avail. . .20 years is a pretty good run for a fridgie, and the newer models are so much more energy efficient, we are laying this one to rest. . .

So today I blog, and I wait for the refrigerator guys to bring us a new fridge. It will be a BIG fridge. It will go into the very tiny little kitchen, because the very pretty, and very smart, Mommy is also very tired of trudging to the basement every time she wants a piece of ice, or a yogurt, or anything cold that is bigger than a button. Until they come, I think the very pretty, and very smart Mommy will knit a bit on something red. . .
Isn't it coming out pretty?!?
Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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  1. Yay for a new fridge!! Isn't it amazing the things that can excite us? LOL