Saturday, April 30, 2011

Is it really?

This is the theme of the next Parenting Group meeting at my church:It's easy to get lost in all the activity when you're a woman/mom/gramma and you work full time. Lately, for Pretty anyway, it's also easy to get lost in the muddledness that is my brain. . .work stuff, home stuff, planning for a summer wedding for one kid, a fall deployment for another, a new baby to coo and marvel over, knitting (and other) projects that scream, "Why aren't you spending your time with me?!?" Lost is how I was feeling much of last week. . .humming Welcome to the Jungle in the office, and Crazy Train the rest of the time.

That's right. Pretty rocks.
Orrrrr. . .at least, she used to. . .you know, back in the day. . .

So, even though I wasn't feeling that time is on my side when I posted that first picture, I decided to just keep going, and you know what? As I think about it, I did get to sleep in until 9:30am this morning. . .and there is really nothing solid on my calender for this fine-and-sunny-Saturday. . .soooo, I guess that time IS on my side. Who'd a thunk it? And since I apparently have so much time, I think I am gonna go marvel at my granddaughter's pictures again. . .here's one for you, too! (Just in case you have a bunch-o'time today, and you need a sweet baby to marvel at for a moment. . .because I'm generous like that. . .you're welcome!)

This morning, Peanut is modeling the lovely Spring Garden Tee that her grandmother knit for her in soft cotton yarn, the color of a watermelon shell. . .

Time is on your side, too. . .I am sure that it is. Sometimes you just need a moment (and a couple extra hours of sleep) to figure out where it is. . .I hope that you get that moment today, and I also hope that you have some time to do whatever it is that you love.

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. OH Peanuts sweater fits her perfectly!!! Too cute!! You are further ahead than me, my bro still hasn't gotten me a pict. of O in her spring garden!

  2. Pam that's a great sweater...Could you pass a copy on to me??? Or I will buy a copy...My grand daughters would love it!!!!!!

  3. Tammy, there's a link to my project page in this post, and you'll find a link to purchase the pattern on the pattern page! You should buy it, you will knit it again and again!