Saturday, April 16, 2011

Be Prepared!

Those of you who follow know that rabbits nag me. The felt bunnies that I made in honor of the holiday season, they are terrible nags. . .and my self-esteem was really starting to take a major hit when they questioned the quality of my Gramma-hood. I have finally quieted them (at least a little bit) by showing them that I do indeed have pictures of the Peanut at my desk. . .I try to keep this brag book at my desk at all times when I am in the office, and I made a book for both of the great-grandmothers as well. Grammas gotta be prepared, and well-armed with photos, when friends ask about babies!Grammas also gotta be prepared for the little ones when holidays come up! That's why I gave this Grandma I know 4 bunnies to send to her little "Peanuts" for Easter! Heck! Even the bunnies, created for the sole purpose of being given away, gotta be prepared for that eventuality! I think some of the bunch was surprised when this little cutie stopped into my office last week, and I handed over a sister bunny and a brother bunny. . . But who am I kidding? The bunnies will all get over their separation anxiety, and the kids will all have fun with the bunnies! I just hope they don't get overrun. . .I didn't have any of the bunnies spayed or neutered. . .!

"Lucky Rabbits!"

"I Know, right?!? She had both of US fixed!"

"Oh, the shaaame!"

"And she wakes us up super early on SATURDAY!"

"I wish I was a bunny. . ."

In Knitting Knews, I have made much progress on THE SHAWL since my last post! I have finished the thousands of stitches that make up the hem ruffle on the main portion of the shawl, and I have bound off all 1198 stitches on the bottom - Yay! Now, I just pick up the collar stitches, and knit a pretty ruffle there to match, and then the bride will be prepared! Yes, the bride will be prepared with a wool shawl for her August wedding. . .No, she probably won't need a shawl. . .Yes, I needed to knit it for her, and I am prepared for the possibility that it will not be worn much.* But, it is very pretty, and I am glad that I have knit it for her. :)I hope that you have someone to knit for who senses the love in each stitch. Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

*I have decided not to staple the shawl to Dollface, Andrea. But thanks for the suggestion. :)


  1. The Shawl looks great! Have a superfun weekend! I know you will! ;o)

  2. Beautiful Shawl.. I'm thinking I should knit one for my niece who is getting married next june...

    Oh and are you off to see the Peanut?

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Ooh - it's gorgeous! Staples would ruin it though. Please, no more math - it's depressing especially when you're a faster knitter than some of us ;)