Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Number 220. . .the one with the BUNNIES!

So, I was wandering around Facebook the other day, just minding my own business, when I saw a link to the cutest little bunny finger puppets, and a place to buy a kit to make them. Sooooo super cute! I know, I know. . .I should have just gone back to the knitting, and minding my own business. . .but instead, I thought to myself, "Self! We have some colorful felt. . .and we have embroidery floss. . .and we have much yarn suitable for tiny cotton-tails!!!"

Yes, I often speak to and of myself in the third-person, plural. . .it's a gift, not a defect. . .

Anyway, "Self!," I says, "We should make some rabbits and take them everywhere with us until Easter!" So I did, and it was fun to watch them frolic around the fountain at church yesterday. . . . . .and it was kindof cute when they wandered the vast kitchen counter while the ladies' bible study brewed their coffee!
What I did NOT count on was the level of mischief that a few felt bunnies can get into. I turned my back on them for a split second, and the next thing I know, they were playing chopsticks!
Before I could round them up, they all ran outside into the sunshine. . .
. . .and headed for the playground! It was madness, and I was barely keeping up!
They weren't showing any signs of fatigue, however, and the next thing I knew they were diving through piles of music, trying to find a drum solo for the purple one. . .they say he's got all the rhythm in the bunch. . .
I guess they're right, because he started to beat on those drums, and the mosh pit hopped right onto the drum set before I could stop them. . .it was far-out, man! And it was clear that I had totally lost control of this bunch. . .sigh!
Luckily, all that drumming and dancing did finally wear them down, and I was able to gather them all together again. Like a pile of tiny kittens, they all snuggled together, and took a nap. . .
. . .which means that I finally got a little bit of knitting in. Whew!
I wonder what tomorrow will bring with the Bunnies. All of a sudden, Easter seems like a long way off. . .

Knit in Good Health!


  1. LOL, I see you have only made 50% of the total available from the kit! Good plan. Get these guys housetrained first. I bet they would love to have music lessons since they seem to be musically inclined. And before Sunday rolls around, be sure to tell your keyboard person that they've had an infestation of tiny rabbits and may want to check their settings. They will thank you, even as they are speed dialing for someone from the Sunny Valley Happy Farm to bring you a nice white jacket with fancy sleeves.

  2. OMG those are adorable! Must.make.bunnies.

  3. Wait till you see what they let me do last week! They are full of vim and vinegar! Could it be all the easter egg dye?