Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little Peanut Edition

. . .brought to you by a Little Peanut! Oooooohhhh. . .
Hello world! I am here, and isn't it exciting?!? Everyone around me seems so happy, and they all really seem to like me a LOT, which is pretty cool. . . It has been a busy week since I got borned. . .I meeted my Grampa. . .
I like him a lot! And I meeted my Gramma. . .
. . .Gramma says that I am the most specialest ever! And you know who thinks I am soooo pretty? My Auntie Dollface 'specially does! (She sayed it to me!)
They all had a long car ride to come and see me, so they must think I am pretty special. Wait, I know they think that, because Gramma and Grampa tolded it to me!
I think they are special, too. And I like it when they hold my hands. . .Oh, I almost forgeted! Gramma does the thing that is the knitting, and she brought me presents! A bunny blankie that I thinks I love. . .
. . .and she made me a hat. See my hat?
Yaaawwwnnn! Now I am so sleepy. Nappy-nap, and Gramma says, "Knit in Good Health!"


  1. Soo cute!!! What a sweetie she is!!! Can't wait to see more pictures Thurs. night!

  2. She's just BEAUTIFUL! Congrats, Gramma!