Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It won't be long now!

Soooo, she started out like this. . .a tiny little peanut last summer. . .
. . .but it didn't take long for her to really take over our Daughter-In-Law's tummy! This is what Wifey-Poo's belly looked like early in December. . .that's her mom and me with the cutest pregnant woman we know!
. . .and although it is KILLING me to not be there, rubbing that belly regularly, at least this darling gal took and posted some pictures along the way. Look at her, teaching the peanut how to take your own Facebook photo in the bathroom mirror. . .awwww!
That last picture was taken at 34 weeks. . .she is now at 39 weeks!!! I know, right?!? It doesn't seem possible that there was enough room for 6 more weeks growth, but apparently there was, because there has been no call (so far) saying that she is in labor. God bless her, I bet Wifey-Poo is tired! I am glad that her mom was able to go spend some time spoiling her even before the peanut makes her appearance.

As Sweetie and I anxiously await the blessed event, you can bet that we will check our phones frequently for full signals and batteries! And I will continue to knit and to blog the baby (and other) knitting.* Indeed, I have been a knitting fool this week. . .I finished "Hey, Teach!" again, this time two sizes smaller than last time! The sleeves are still a bit snug, but I think it's gonna be fine in a couple weeks. . .and I can't wait to get it washed and photographed, so I can love wearing it again! lol
In the meantime, thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!
*Please prepare yourselves, Dear Readers, for an unapologetic abundance of baby talk (and pictures) in our near future!


  1. So excited for the two of them. I was going to say make sure you let us know when it happens but I bet you will blog about it. :)

  2. You and my SIL are waiting niece is due the day after wifey-poo..

    And yeah I can't belive you finished Hey Teach already!!! Yay for you!

  3. Baby! Can't wait for the baby pictures. Nothing better than an new knitter on the way is there?

  4. Oh no need to apologize for baby talk, proud grandma--we can't wait to hear all about that cute little bundle!