Saturday, March 26, 2011

All knitting, before AND after!

Before the wedding, I will be knitting the Bella Capelet for the bride. I have until the middle of August to finish this item for the actual wedding, but I am hoping to get it done before the shower, so I can get all the oooohs! and aaaaahs! from our friends when she opens it. lol

After the wedding, I will cast on something mindless and simple, something that I can work without thinking, possibly one-handed so I can suck my thumb as I regress into a pile of nervous-breakdown-icus. . .I will need a serious nervous breakdown by the end of the summer, I am sure!

Before we went to visit the Little Peanut, I cast on a hat in pink and white cotton yarn, and I rejoiced to be a gramma. After the visit, I wiped away tears of missing-them-already-an-hour-into-the-ride-home, and I knit striped booties to match the hat. They went into the mail the morning after we got home, along with a gramma tear or two, and a birthday gift for Army Boy. Can it be that this boy, born just before my 21st birthday, can possibly have a baby? And she was born just before his 22nd birthday! Before the end of 2010, I had a favorite sweater that I wore as much as humanly possible, weather- (and cat-) permitting.
After the loss of 33 pounds now, I have re-knit this sweater, using yarn frogged from the original, so that I could snuggle my new grandbaby next to the soft, cotton fabric of my favorite sweater. . .in a size that fits!
This has been a busy year so far, and it promises to get even busier before it is over. I will knit my way through, to keep my sanity, and I hope to share my knitting adventures with you! I hope that you will enjoy the journey with me!

Thanks for stopping by and, as always, Knit in Good Health!

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  1. What a doll, your dear granddaughter is. Congratulations again on the trimming down success!