Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Super Sunday!

I know, I know. . .Sunday was a few days ago. But when the blogger blogs on Saturday and Wednesday, well, it's like Sunday was just yesterday for me! And last Sunday was certainly SUPER! There were super snacks. . .

. . .Super Socks (finished during the game! Yay!!!). . .
. . .Super Sisters, sitting beside one another. . .
. . .and Super Friends, you know, the kind that you wish could be your actual sisters sometimes. . .
. . .and Super Fruity beverages that were Super Tasty!. . .
. . .and Super Solutions to rescue the fruit from the bottom of the glass!
Knitting needles to the rescue!!!
Oh!, and there was knitting!, and there was football and funny commercials! It was a Super Sunday for me, even though my squares did not win in the pool (my first football pool!). . .still had fun! I hope your Sunday, and Monday and Tuesday, were SUPER, too!
Knit in Good Health!
PS - Thanks for all the "congrats" on my last post! I didn't really mean to brag, but I was pretty thrilled to get some new wardrobe pieces!


  1. Looks like you guys had a ball! I wish I could have come... sadly I had to do the toddler bedtime routine so that my Steelers fan husband could watch the game. Hopefully the tradeoff will be that he's home in time for me to go to knitting tomorrow!

  2. We went to my FIL's for the big game and since hub's wanted to take the puppy and the girls stayed home I opted not to knit because it would have been crazy.

    So far no plans tomorrow night.....although, can I bring Chicken with me?

  3. I came by from Racheals place..Do you sell you items on Etsy? I am bri2004 on etsy at and i am also tweety on or just go to my crafting blog.. its under my main blog.

  4. Yay for a SUPER SUPER Sunday! It was great fun!