Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow and Ice, Ice and Snow. . .and knitting!

So, I have mentioned that I occasionally live in a snowglobe. That's ok, because my sweetie handles all of the snow shoveling. . .he says that I do it wrong, and perhaps I do. . .we have different methods, to say the least.
I am very thankful that Sweetie shovels snow for me, but on days like today, it doesn't always help. There's just not much you can do with a layer of ice, topped by tiny ice pellets that are not quite snow, but not rain or sleet either. . .they just sit there, looking like they might provide some traction, but I know better!
I wore my Yak Trax in to the office today. They slip onto my shoes, and some of my co-workers joke that they are little snow tires for my feet. . .chains for my shoes, if you will. I don't mind them poking fun, though, because I did not slip or falter at all while walking into the office. And when I looked back, I saw that the ice was so thick that I did not even leave tracks behind me!
That tells me how thick and hard the ice was under my feet, because I am a grown adult, and I usually leave distinct tracks in snow and ice! And, now that I am here, it is STILL coming down, the ice and snow, snow and ice!
All of this ice and snow makes me glad that I broke out the Tinkertoys while Sweetie was shoveling on Saturday.

No, I did not build a ferris wheel or a cool car. . .knitters make
Tinkertoy Swifts with these fun toys! (I have not included a tutorial here, because that link takes you to see how it's done!) Here is my swift:
And you are correct in assuming that this is a photo of the swift loaded with yarn. . .alpaca yarn from my friend Charm over at That'll Do Farm! There is a bonus to making a swift with toys. . .Tinkertoys come with Nostepinnes right in the can!
See that? A notch at one end to secure your tail while you wind that center-pull ball. . .pretty sweet! And here is the final product of my labor: a ball of yarn to work some fingerless gloves with when I get home to settle in for the evening! Yummy, Yarny goodness, for sure!
I need to start a new project, because I have finally finished the Ski-Trip Socks. . .
. . .and the Starry, Starry Socks!!!
Of course, I am still working on the scarf and mitts (Scarf of Green Cables) for Dollface (formerly College Girl, what do you think of the new blog-name? Thank you, queenoftorts!). I am more than half-finished with the scarf, and I look forward to the mitts, but for now, I am just feeling more charmed by the black yarn. . .it is what it is!
If you live in the lands of Ice and Snow, today or ever, I hope that you will be safe when you go out, and curl up with yarn when you are home. Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!
Today's blog post is brought to you by Snow and Ice, Ice and Snow. . .and knitting.


  1. Wait, how can you shovel snow wrong? As long as the snow gets off the driveway, isn't that all good? Not that I'd suggest you argue with him or anything. If he likes it, you can send him to my house. What I need is a bunch of salt, though.

  2. I am lucky to be home and warm and cozy again! The socks both came out great!

  3. Great use of the tinkertoys! Your socks look awesome too!

  4. What a terrific post! Who can ask more than Yak Trax (which I didn't know about but NEED), a Tinkertoy swift (again...I NEED), and glorious socks? :-)

  5. Excellent swift! Who needs those fancy $70 things right?

  6. Actually I think those chains for your shoes are pretty clever and I wished I had a pair the last couple of times we've had ice. Which we don't get too often. LOVE the tinker toy swift! Now, I have to add a trip to Toys-4-Us to my list of things to do this weekend.