Saturday, February 19, 2011

It was a Marvelous Night. . .and Day!

Last night I stayed at the church to scrapbook with some friends. It's a monthly activity, and it's fun to spread out all your paper and pictures and pages on tables where your good friends will see them and occasionally remark about just how cute your kids (or your family) are! Bonus!: there are no cats at church to "help" with the crafting by batting your stuff out of order, off the table and into the next room! I had a great time, but I ran out of sticky stuff, so I went to Michael's for more. . .it was just past sunset, and the moon was rising, still low on the horizon, bright and full. . .magical! The kind of moon that makes Van Morrison play in your head, and stirs the soul to find love. . .I half thought about heading home and scrapping the scrapping to seek my Sweetie!

I tried to capture the moon with my amazing 8 megapixel camera, the one on my Droid, but I was highly unsuccessful. So I just went back to the church, and I put together 3 2-page layouts for the family album. . .then I went home and went to sleep. . .because that's what you do after 6 hours of scrapbooking, especially if you are a woman in the middle of life, and you are getting home after midnight!

This morning, I tried to recapture that magical moondance feeling. . .but "the night's magic seems to whisper and hush," and morning sounds are often a little more harsh. . .the sounds of hungry kitties chasing one another around the bed, then pouncing with claws and teeth that elicit mews and growls from the partner cat. . .I tried to settle in with some knitting, to still my soul. . .
. . .but even my fingerless mitts were seeming less than magical. You know, on a normal wintry Saturday, I like to spend my day like a cat. Sometimes perched on the sofa, looking for something to happen. . .
. . .sometimes stretched out in the warmth of a sunny window, waiting for something to happen. . .
. . .sometimes snoozing, not really caring if anything happens. . .
But today, the day after the magical moon, 'neath the cover of February skies. . .with Old Man Winter starting to finally melt away. . .
. . .well, today I was itchy to get back to it. Back to the warmth of spring and summer sun. Back to the routine that was a walk every weekend in the park. I am such a baby in the cold weather, and I am soooo ready for winter to be over. Sweetie must have felt it too, because even though today's daytime high temp was scheduled to be 36 degrees F (!), Sweetie suggested a walk in the park. . . I won't lie, I balked at first. Then I bundled up and off we went. . .and look what I found:
Yep! The magic is still out there! Even though the moon isn't out, the sun is making up for it today! It was a cold walk, and I have yet to knit a single stitch so far today, but I feel full of magic and promise. I wonder if the moon will give us another "fantabulous night" tonight?
Either way, tonight I will count my blessings, and look forward to whatever comes next. . .oh, and I think I may knit a bit! Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Beautiful post, Pam. I feel the same way, and that is one of my favorite songs!

  2. Please hold the sleeping kitty up to the computer screen so I can pet him/her.

    Thank you.