Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The difference a day makes. . .

Sooo, another winter storm in the land of COLD, gave me this on Monday morning. . .
. . .it totally looks just like a Monday, doesn't it?
True to the gray skies and icy sheath on the world, my Monday was pretty sucky. I don't usually let the weather get me down, and I work really hard to not let crappy circumstances ruin my positive outlook, but I was low on Monday, and I was tired by the time bedtime rolled around. I didn't even knit. I prayed alot, and that helped my attitude. . .and a better attitude helped me to behave a little better. . .and sleep a little better. Even if the only thing that changed is my attitude, I'm good with that. After all, the only person under my control is me.

As if in answer to my prayers, my Tuesday morning looked like this:
All of the issues in my life were still there. All of the difficult people I may have to deal with this week are still there. The stuff that makes life hard was still there, but the outlook was way brighter. Thanks, God! You are good, all the time.
And after all of the sunny, shiny, sparkly goodness that was revealed to me on Tuesday. . .
I feel like knitting today! I worked a little on my fingerless glove pattern this morning, and maybe I will knit something with beads soon. . .I wonder if I can mimic that wintry beauty with beaded knitting? I suppose it's at least worth a try. . .I'll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, I hope that your skies are blue, your hearts warm, and your dispositions sunny! Thanks for stopping by, and knit in good health!


  1. Okay I hope that you weren't down on Sunday because you seemed so happy while we visited. Hope your Wednesday is even better!


  2. Happy Wednesday Pam! Thursday is 1 day away...

    Be Blessed!

  3. Weren't the trees amazing yesterday!? I couldn't believe how beautiful they were with the ice and sun shining on made me dislike winter a little less, even if only for a few minutes!

  4. Gorgeous photos! I even like the ones with the gray skies. :-)