Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Lemonade Day

You know the kind of day I'm talking about...
"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"

I have always been fond of that quote, and of the spirit of hope that accompanies those who truly mean those words as they speak them. Some days I make lemonade quite well, and others. . .well, let's just focus on the positive for now, shall we? Like these wrist warmers I am currently working on. . . The pattern came with delicate, Estonian lace, and a sensuously scalloped border at the base. Lovely to behold are these wristers, and I knew I had the perfect yarn for them! You know what the pattern did not come with? A thumb. So, I made lemonade, and I think they are turning out pretty sweet!
Next, let's look at this scarf. . . You see, I had made a scarf for Wifey-Poo, and College Girl decided that she wanted one, too. . .but in green. The lemons came in the form of wool this time. . .a yarn that felt soft on my neck, but itchy on hers. . .because everyone's neck is different. So, after knitting this far, and feeling pretty accomplished. . .
. . .she put it around her delicate neck and declared it unfit. . ."too scratchy!!!" So, I put it aside until I could get to the store that has the Snowflake Wool Blend I used for DDIL's scarf, and I got enough of the color "Limelight" to complete a scarf and mitts for my very delicate daughter. Lemonade in the limelight, I suppose.And then there was yesterday. . .a normal day, by all accounts, at the start. My biggest worry as I drove to work that morning was the snow that the weatherman had predicted for that afternoon and evening. However, as I approached the building where I work at 8:30am, I noticed something strange. . .Water was flowing out of the bottoms of the front doors. My heart sank as I called the building administrator and the staff.

A water pipe had burst in the ceiling overnight, and water had continued to flow for I-don't-know-how-long until we arrived on the scene. Water was everywhere I looked when I came inside...Lemons. However, there was no water in the offices (with all the computer equipment) or near the music and AVL equipment...Lemonade. It is still a big cleanup, even after the first day of work by the professionals and volunteers...Lemons. It could have been so much worse...Lemonade. Praise God!

By the way, the snow did come yesterday, and it continued through the night. Lemons. But it sure looks pretty outside this morning. Lemonade.
Knit in Good Health, and have a glass of lemonade for me today. :)


  1. I have started knitting again and I am so happy. I knit with my handspun and I need to ply some more of it to finish my project. (Just enough ruffles scarf by Cosmic Pluto Knits) and now I have other projects I need to do. :O)

    Sent you a message on facebook, did you get it?