Saturday, January 22, 2011

Catching Your Eye. . .I Hope!

Don't forget the contest. . .today is the last day to enter!
Wow! That contest announcement has sure caught my black cat's eye!

It's funny what will catch your eye. . .sometimes it's cleavage (and until today, I had assumed that both of my female kitties were straight, but now,. . .well, who really knows for sure with a cat? Perhaps Miss Lohan can tell. . .?)

Anyway, here's something that caught the eye of my little crocheted "Dolly Draft Dodger" doll who sits at the front door, helping us to keep the heat in and the cold out. . .the popcorn tin from Christmas. I didn't have the heart to tell her that there is probably none left. . .or that whatever might be left is surely stale. . .what caught my eye here was her sheer determination! If you look at the left side of that tin, you will see that she has nearly gotten the thing open! Wow. . .
Here's something else that caught my eye this week. This is my Thursday night knitting group. We meet each week at my church, and we have a really good time. We usually meet in the library, and we usually sit on very "cushy" chairs, but with the flood last week, the coffee shop was the dry and finished room that was available to us, and we were thankful to have this space to meet in. . .
Every once in awhile, I look out at this group of knitters, and I am compelled to take a picture. I think I can somehow record in a picture the bonds that we have formed with one another, and the love that we feel. It's a losing battle. . .even words cannot adequately express how special these people are to me. Although, after posting the above picture on Facebook, and receiving comments on it before the knitting group had even called it a night (I love mobile technology!), I realized that I am not the only one who feels this way.
When Michelle jokingly commented, "Hey your knitting group isn't a bunch of old ladies!," we all had a pretty good laugh, and we agreed that Youth is a state of mind. . .and we all have it!But I think Corrie said it best when she commented, "That's what I like most about the group - it amazes me that women with such different ages and jobs and lives can so easily spend hours together. Definitely the best part of the day!" Heck!, we even have a knitter-man in our group! (Sorry I didn't get the camera out before you left, Tim! Forgive me?) The best part of the day is what prompts my TGIT(hursday) every week, dismissing the average person's obsession with that next day, just before the weekend! :)

And, since I am gushing about my knitting friends, I suppose it's also time to start gushing about some knitting. . .it is a knitting blog, after all!
These two pair of socks caught my eye just last night, and I wanted to write about them. They are very different socks, in very different yarns, started at different times, but they have one thing in common. . .both are nearly 75% done - Yay!
The Ski Trip Socks were started last weekend (on a ski trip), the yarn is Patons Stretch, the needles are 2.25mm and the pattern is Dublin Bay Socks! I am working them top down on 64 sts, and using a traditional flap heel. . .I picked the yarn because it reminds me of Good N'Plenty candy, one of my faves!, and I love how they are coming out. :o) I also love the smiley faces that hold my place when I have to put the knitting down for awhile. . .thank you Dawn, for the awesome stocking stuffer this Christmas! (I love the one that's not smiling, too. . .it's like that one "gets it" if I drop a stitch or something!)
I love my other pair just as much. . .the Starry, Starry Socks are toe up, in the Diamond Rib Socks from the Toe-Up pattern, and the yarn is Marathon Socks--North Pole. I am working these toe up on 2.25mm (magic loop because there are 6 reps of the lace, 3 front and 3 back), but I have changed the heel to a short row dealio. . .loving them, and I have actually just finished my second heel, so these should really cook now! Yay!
You may have also noticed the Row Counters in my sock photos. . .if you like what you see, and you would like one of your own, enter the contest by midnight tonight! Or, just stop by this shop on Etsy, and pick one up for yourself. . .I don't know how I ever knitted without them!

Thanks for letting me catch your eye today, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Yay for our knitting group! WE are all truely the best!!!

  2. I'm glad that you like your dpn holder. I had fun making them. Maybe too much fun. I have lots of extras if you need any ;o)

  3. I love the pictures of our knitting group! I can't wait to make it there again!