Wednesday, December 22, 2010

THREE Days Before Christmas. . .

Sooo, it's three days before Christmas. Yes. 3 days. Hmmmm. . .I think I am ready. I am not sure, but I think I am ready.

I have not done much shopping. I have not done much baking or candy making. . .indeed, the Christmas Food Parade was much shorter this year than it was last year (check out last year's December blog posts, the food made it into 4 of them!). . .I still made the turtles, and the peppermint break-up, but I stopped after that on the candies. And we did do two gingerbread houses, and some little house cookies with tiny gingerpeople. . .and even some teensy, tinsy little houses. . .and I sent some sweets to the out-of-town parents-to be. . .
. . .but there is nothing under my tree. Nothing. Nada. Well, except for a couple of stuffed bears from Christmases past. . .and the cats, who are doing their level best to find a way to eat something from the tree. . .not that there is anything edible anywhere near the tree, but you know, they are cats!

So, the presents are lacking, but the knitting is not - Yay! Here are the December Sa-weet Socks, which I am loving, they are currently over 75% done!And there were several Christmas knits (I think 6 fairly major projects this year, pix after Saturday) that are FINISHED - Super Yay! So even though I haven't even thought about where we are Christmasing, or what our actual holiday will even look like yet, I think I am ready! I look forward to spending time with College Girl and her boyfriend, as well as the extended families, and I even went shopping so that I can say:

"There is food in the pantry for a great Christmas feast,
And Pretty herself will carve the roast beast!"
After that, who cares? I hope that your holiday plans bring you peace and joy, and that you have also planned some "down time" for yourself, so that you (and I) may Knit in Good Health!


  1. Oh wow. Beautiful! It's been years since I've done a gingerbread house. Next year when we have a one-year-old grandson to visit with, though, I think I will definitely find my inspiration to get back into it. Colors and brightness and sweet happiness!

  2. I love doing gingerbread houses! In fact a won second place in a contest 2 years in a row, but then decided it was too much pressure having to get it done by a deadline.

    Congrats on being ready 3 days ahead of time!

    ps--what software do you use to make your photo collages?

  3. Have a fantatstic Christmas girlie! We MUST get together after the first of the year.