Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Little More Christmas. . .

'Twas two weeks before Christmas, when I looked around,
and noticed that there was no tree to be found
in my house, for I had been preoccupied
with a turkey, a baby, and a great snow outside!

So, up to the attic, my feet, they took me,
where I grabbed all the boxes, then I put up the tree! Once the cats had inspected, and declared the tree fit,
we decided that Christmas was coming, This was it!

The calendar stated that the season had started,
and Cleveland Knits West had planned a great party. . .

The stockings were hung on the banister tall,
And the kitchen was filling with foods, great and small. . .
There were bacon crackers, chocolates,
Salads, pastas, lick your lips. . .
Even veggies and fruits, kinder to the knitters' hips!
And then in a twinkling, I looked down at the floor
to see hand-knitted socks. . .
and picture-taking galore!
(And, in case you are worried about our sock-smarts,
we all do know that we can buy socks at Wal-Mart!)
We had so much fun, thanks to Tricia, our hostess,
and thanks to Joe Cocker, the spaniel with the mostest!
That's not to forget Chase-the-cat, no, don't chase him. . .
allergic, or not, we all got to face him!
There was laughter and fun. . .
knitters from near, and way far. . .
and stockings stuffed with great gifts. . .
Thanks, ladies! You know who you are!
By the end of the evening, from our heads. . .
. . .to our toes,
we had had so much fun, but it was time to go. . .

Snow was falling outside, it was coming down quick,
we knew it was time to stop clicking our sticks. . .
So we all packed it in, and loaded it up,
then trucked it on home, and admired our new stuff!
Under my tree at home, all my new stuff sat,
and I thought to myself, "Now, Santa, top that!"
Christmastime truly IS the most wonderful time of the year, and my knitting group is really tops! Thanks again everyone, you all made and brought such wonderful gifts and yummies! I pray rich blessings on all of you throughout the holiday season, and into the new year!
Knit in Good Health!


  1. Awesome post! I think I will grab it copy it right to my blog...or just put a link and say go here! LOL

    Our Knitting group really is the BEST IN THE LAND!

  2. There are THREE decent pictures of me in this blog. Let's all remember this moment.

  3. Aw Pam! What a cute post and what a delightfully fun party!

  4. Yes, Jenny, there are 3 great shots of you and one of my butt!!! Seriously, I have a better side.

    It was the best party -- and next year's will be BETTER!!


  5. An excellent party. A good time was had by all