Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby Shower Eve

I worried, for just a minute this morning, that I had missed the crazy train. . .but alas, I have my ticket in hand, and I am on it! I have been so busy, that my Halloween pumpkin (which never actually got to be a Jack o'Lantern, like it really wanted to) now looks like this:
I suppose the up side is that now I cannot see the spot where a squirrel (or a skunk or a bird or several woodland creatures) has been slowly gnawing on it as a between-meal snack since I put it out there. . .do you think I could put some lights on it, and pass it off as a Christmas Pumpkin? sigh! Oh, well. I guess there are some things I just will not be getting around to this year. . .like the 2009 Christmas cards, but I digress (and I apologize to anyone who was expecting that card last year. . .it just never happened. . .story for another day).

As for today, I started it out slow, with coffee in my new mug from Cafe Press, and a little secret knitting:
By the way, after you get to that link, check out all the non-knitting stuff they have too. . .there is some really funny stuff. . .and they are currently running some pretty great deals! (free ad now over.)
After the morning quiet time, I kicked it into gear, rekindling my romance with the dryer. . .
. . .and working on final prep for the BABY SHOWER! First up was the baking, a double batch, so I got to use my big, yellow bowl. I love the big, yellow bowl!
I also love the way the cookies turned out! Love, love, love the sugar cookies with pink icing. . .
. . .and the chocolate pops. . .done! Yay!
And the meatballs are cooking in the crock pot, and the favors are done, and I know which games we are going to play, so all that's left is printing them out. . .it's almost here! Tomorrow is going to be such a great day, and I can't wait to spend it with Wifey-Poo and our families and friends! Babies are such a good reason to celebrate!
I suppose that's all for now. The December socks are going, and there is still some Christmas secret-knitting OTN, but the knitting is kinda on hiatus for the rest of this afternoon. . .I promise pictures of all the baby things next week! I am hoping to eventually end my day with a little of the way I started. . .a hot beverage in my "See Pam Knit." mug, and a little clicking of the needles. . .
Happy Baby Shower Eve, and knit in Good Health!


  1. I need one of those mugs.. but my name is not Pam! Cookies and favors look fabulous!
    Have fun at the baby shower and again congrats on becoming a gramma...

  2. Pumpkin = feeding station. You are kind to the small creatures who live out there in the cold, wintery winter, facing the cold snowy snow. This is all.

    Sweetie, when you need an excuse or rationale for pretty much any behavior that stops short of being criminal, just come sit down by Cozy. She shall help.

  3. Christmas pumpkin! I want a christmas pumpkin. I didn't even get one for halloween this year.

    Have a fun shower.