Saturday, November 6, 2010

So much time. . .

. . .and so little to do. Wait a minute. Scratch that, reverse it.

Vintage Willy Wonka said it best, and I love that movie! To me, Gene Wilder is the perfect Wonka. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE Johnny Depp fan in general. But to me, Wonka will always be Wilder. Maybe it's the name? Maybe I like "wild" things? Like this Wildflower Honey from That'll Do Farm that is really super yummy in my tea, and straight off the spoon, too! drools a little at the remembrance of the last cuppa tea. . .But I digress. What was I saying? Oh, that's right, so little time. . .where does it go? I feel like I have been running in secret circles lately. Each time I sit to blog, I want to tell you about what I have accomplished in the my knitting life. However, this close to Christmas and a baby shower, that's really hard to do! All of the knitting I am currently working on is for gifts, so I can't give details, or really great pictures, or even pattern reviews. . .ugh! But I have decided to share a couple of photos, you know, to prove that I have been working on something!

Here's a bunch of stuff that's finished:
That photo represents 4 completed projects! I think all of them are on Ravelry, but I hesitate to show you photos of each piece, lest I lose the surprise factor when they are gifted! This is a closer photo of my most recently finished object, which is also the object of most of my affection lately:
I especially liked this one (and I hope the recipient does too) because it is knit with Italian Yarn, you know, from Italy!!! It's super sweet, and I can't wait to really show it off soon! I'd pray for the time to go faster, but there are still about a dozen projects that I haven't even started yet, and they will all need to be done next month! Yikes!

So all of that "I-can't-tell-you-about-my-knitting" makes for a pretty boring knitting blog, doesn't it? Well, let's see, what can I tell you about? Oh! I know! Remember, back in August, when I joined the Get the Crap Out of My House Challenge? And remember the two, messy corners in the living room, the ones with all the "assorted crap the cats get into"?
Well, I did manage to straighten them out a little. . .take a look!
That corner by the door is still harboring some leftovers from Halloween (bucket of gourds, and fleece hay bale from Trunk-or-Treat), but it's mostly cleared out now. That's because we changed gears in our front room and finally bought a TV for it! Now we can live in the living room (rather than the basement, where the main TV has always been). Look, even the cat likes to watch TV now. . .

What's that, Chloe? The Food Network? C'mon, you know better than to watch that stuff when you're on a diet!

So, I guess you could say that I also put some new stuff in my house. . .but I did get quite a bit of clutter out of this room. . .I am calling it a win!

Know what else is a win? I think I am joining the church choir. :) I mean, if you have read my blog and/or met me, you know that I got the music in me. . .always singing songs I know and making up new ones to fit my current circumstances. My whole life is practically a musical, so why would I not want to join the choir? So, there you have it. Auditions are next week, aaaand. . .
I'm so excited,
and I just can't hide it!
I'm about to lose control,
and I think I like it!

Ok, back to knitting. I am knitting and I am crocheting my heart out! I hope to post a bunch of baby item pictures after the shower next month, and then the big, year-end post with all of the Christmas gifts - Yayyyyy! Then I can get back to just showing off everything as I knit it. . .what a relief!

I'm glad you stopped by today! Thanks for reading, and for sticking it out through the secret season. . .I hope your holiday knitting and crafting is on track, and that you are having fun with it!

Knit in Good Health!


  1. Baby knitting! fun, fun, fun. Other knitting, dono wanna talk about it, so behind isn't in my vocabulary now, it I ignore it, it isn't so. right?

  2. Baby knitting is so fun and fast. I particularly love the last sweater...(esp. since I've seen it in person!)

  3. Oh absolutely Gene Wilder is the only Wonka for me. Depp's Wonka was just so...skeevy, don't you think? I mean like I don't think I would leave a small child alone with him kind of skeevy. Ick.

    Wish I was doing some baby knitting - first grader knitting takes way too long - especially the sleeves :P

  4. Have fun at the shower! I just got sent a picture of my coming grandson's barely-three-year-old cousin: after I left that shower, she'd squeezed into the 5-hour baby sweater like a tight shrug and squished her feet into a bootie. Well, they were a tad big... She looked absolutely adorable.

    Have fun!